The Old Prophecy

A Snag in the River

Engaged in a furious battle, the crew of the Freyja realize this is a fight for their lives and work together to fell their dangerous fishy foe.

Liat and Aylie head towards the side of the ship to see what is going on.

Elric stabs a fish in the head with a fury strike. He kills it easily then turns to another killing it just as easily then turns to another killing it too. Elric yells to Zahagrin , “3 Zahagrin , 3!” Zahagrin hits one killing it quite efficiently. Aylie stabs at one and kills one. Russell walks back over to Mark and swings at one of the fish. He misses it. Liat arc lightening one fish , then arcs to another and to 3 more killing all of them. Her spell went off with a flare of help from the stone. Tojnoj squeezes in between Zahagrin and Elric smashing one killing it instantly. Art does the same. Aylie swings again at another fish killing it cleanly. Art tells his squires to cover the other side. Mark kills 3 more after one of the squires cuts off the arm of one fish and the other squire misses.

The deck hands start to back away from the railing and Elric hollers, “Do not back away from the railing!” They step back up to it.

The next round of fighting begins when Elric hits a fish killing it, then misses one, then hits another killing it as well. Zahagrin hits and kills another fish. Aylie swings hitting and killing yet another fish. The ones that have died are just making way for more. Liat Arc Lightnings two in front of her and then towards the water. She kills two in front of her then fries a lot in the water. The explosion in the water brings 4 giant clawed fish up. Tojnoj hits and kills another fish. Art is leaning over the side splatting one against the side. Aylie swings hitting another fish killing it. Russell hits and kills another, then swings to another hitting and killing it as well. The next one he swings at he kills drastically and the last he cuts in half. One of the squires hits and kills another fish. Mark jumps on the railing killing 5 more fish. The other squire sees the large fish and runs over to swing at it. He misses epically.

The next wave of fish monsters climbs the ship and Elric gets hit and has a boost of adrenaline. Zahagrin swings at one of the big fish missing then swings again hitting and swings a third time hitting it and swings again hitting and killing it this time. Aylie notices the big fish then decides to hit and kill another small fish. One of the big fish turns and hits the squire that tried attacking it and knocks it to the ground. Liat forms an ice wall on the edge of the railing. She curves it at the top to make it heavy enough for it to tip. It tips off scrapping lots of fish off the side splashing into the water. Art call targets a large fish getting it attention. Russell sees the large fish hovering over the squire and runs to help.

Elric tells Zahagrin to take a knee. He does and Elric runs up him pinning it to the deck. Zahagrin aims at the head of the pinned fished and kills it. Aylie hits a fish and kills it. The large fish in front of Russell swings to attack him and hits him doing little damage. Liat arcs lightening puffing a fish, kills 2 more, hits the big one in front of Art dealing damage then it arcs to the large fish in front of Russell damaging it. Tojnoj moves towards the center trying to maximize his song. Art epically smashes the large fish in the face killing it in a bloody mess. Aylie heads to the fish in front of Liat killing it then moves next to Tojnoj. Russell drinks a healing potion after being hit by the large fish. The 2 deck hands stab at fish in front of them and kill one. The squire on the railing swings killing another fish. He is tired. Fish climb and attack at the squire climbing on him. Mark gets attacked by a fish and he gets bit. The next fish jumps at his face and he takes 2 lethal. The squire in front of the large fish next to Russell swings and hits it for 8 lethal. Mark gets extra adrenaline.

Elric runs to the large fish beast Russell is attacking. When he gets there he swings hitting the beast several times killing it. Aylie is tired and rests while the new large fish on deck heads towards Zahagarin. Zahagarin swings and hits the large fish hurting it in the process. Aylie then heads over towards the large fish and swings. Mark gets attacked by six fish, he blocks with his shield. Three of the fish hit his shield and the others hit him. His armor takes damage and his body starts to ache. Liat arc lightening the fish around Mark and a few of the crewmen and kills five. Russell goes to swing at a fish and his artifact handle he is carrying throws off a massive magical field. A lot of the fish around go crazy and most stumble while running away. Russell yells, “Regroup!”

Liat yells to him to do what he did again and she wasn’t sure what it was. Tajnoj starts beating a song on his drum and the result makes the large fish next to Zahagarin paralyzed. Art moved and changed his aura while Mark stays to fend off more of the fish instead of joining his companions. The squires head towards the rest of the group.

Elric yells, “Zahagarin! Take a knee!” He drops and Elric leaps over him and kills the large fish.

Aylie repositions and a large being steps up to the wheel. The being introduces herself as General Fosh’Taran. She telepathically speaks to the companions. “This ship is now mine and I am taking it to the bottom of the river.”

She lifts her arms and to her sides is a staff and a spell book floating. She makes a smirk, says a spell and an Ice Ball comes flying down at them. Elric senses the blast, flips and lands near Mark taking minimal damage. The rest of the group takes some damage and she slides down the rail to attack Mark. Mark blocks with his shield but misses and as he does she hits him in the chin. Elric seeing her move, brings his grappling hook out and flings it in Mark’s direction. It wraps around her arm and hooks into Mark’s belt knocking them into the railing. She yells a command telepathically to the large fish. They start to run and head towards Elric. They miss him and Liat lightening bolts Fosh’Taran. She takes some damage but not much. Russell then uses his axe to hit the large fish in the face with a dragon tooth. Russell then jumps up slicing Fosh’Taran in the arm. Her minions start to swarm the ship and attacks Zahagarin, Elric and Liat. They are all fine. Tojnoj hits the fish that attacked Liat and Art moved to Elric. He heals Elric and Elric realizes how angry he is.

Mark hears Karim Kian in his dream from being unconscious.

“So destined, I am here to help you throw what I can help you with. I can’t do much but I can do this.” Karim tells him and he gasps awake. He starts to climb the side and Fosh’Taran notices. Elric leaps over her and drew the rope over her. Mark lets go of the rope and the rope taunts. She flings Mark over her onto the deck in a fit of frustration.

Aylie charges towards the two large fish and slips. As she does she slips under them. Fosh’Taran closes her eyes and mutters something. She copies herself six times. The clones attack. One hits Liat and she soaks it. Zahagarin gets hit by a clone then he attacks a clone and hits it. It gets struck and as it doubles over after his arcane hilt blows a magical wave, it glares at Zahagarin through its one eye.

Aylie tugs on the one large fish next to her and hits the other so they collide heads together and fall to the ground. Aylie then stomps on their heads exclaiming, “So long whore’s bitches! Who’s next? Who multiplied the bitch?” Elric gets knocked down by a clone and is held down by her foot as the other one uppercuts him. Art gets punched and lands on his ass. Liat gets scooped up by the clone that hit her. Mark almost is hit by one and as he hears Karim say “Warlock born scum!” and Mark feels a strong pulse from Karim as his sword goes through the beast.

Liat hears in her mind a whisper, “Save me, Wisest.” and she regains mana. She believes the Fosh’taran body attached to Elric is her. She lightening bolts that one knocking it back breaking the railing and its body get pierced. It disappears. “Shit! The one that we need to kill has a hold of me!!! Kill this one!”

Russell gets attacked by many and he takes no damage. Aylie gets attacked and she manages to kill them both. Mark runs through in between two large ones and stabs Fash’taran in the chest 4 times.

Elric then runs and flips to land on her and as he does he yells, “Liat, blast!” Liat then lightening bolts his sword as he impales it into her back. Shortly after, Fosh’Taran throws Liat into the far mast and she lands using her sticky fingers. Dazed she looks on with a better view of the fighting field. Elric gets grabbed by one of the large clones and is thrown to the deck. Elric in pain, Zahagarin runs and steps on a fish to jump and stab Fosh’Taran in the chest with his arcane handle attached to his blade. He then drags the blade down her side. Russell slides his artifact in his glove and heads towards Fosh’Taran. Her and her clones move back. Aylie swings and kills 2 more fish as well as Art and a few of the crewmen. Aylie used the dragon fang stuck in the one to bang their heads together and knocked them unconscious.

Elric leaps to grab hold of his sword dealing more damage to her. She turns, grabs him and tosses him. Before he gets tossed, Liat curves an ice wall and Elric pushes off of the wall landing his sword into her body again. After a few of the smaller fish start to swarm the crew, Elric is picked up and thrown at Zahagrin. Aylie gets threw a few more beasts and then is lifted into the air high and held. Russell and Mark plan to rescue her.

Mark drops a steel stone on the deck boards flipping Russell into Fosh’Taran. The blow of him impaling her kills her. Her staff and book drop and her clones disappear. The rest of the fish try to scurry away and are killed rather quickly by the Freyja’s defenders. Liat jumps down from the mast and heads leaping to the front of the deck where Zahagrin and the others have started looting the bodies. All find gold, Russell picked up the spellbook and Zahagrin picked up the staff. The staff then speaks to Zahagrin saying, “Hmm, Treacherous. You are not the Wisest, where is the Wisest?”

Zahagrin knew the staff was referring to Liat, because of course who else would be carrying a staff. As Liat headed towards the front Elric and Aylie asked to be healed. Aylie was crying saying she was in pain and Elric, being close to death and honestly to Liat’s surprised he was still standing, said “Frankly Captain, suck it up. Others are worse off.”

At that Liat seeing Aylie stunned healed Elric with the staff and handed him her last potion. She then turned to Aylie and used the last of the staffs abilities for the day on her. Then she realized that she herself needed healed as did Mark. Realizing this she shook her head and headed towards Zahagarin and Russell handed her the spell book.

“Thanks,” flipping through it Liat continues, “I’ll give it to the Mages’ Guild, maybe to Tahmouress or Gita.”

Continuing on she reached Zahagrin who handed her the staff saying, “I think this is yours.”

“Wisest, finally! Fosh’Taran has held me far too long. I am Nahid.”

“And just how long has she held you? Also, I think you’ll recognize this.” Grabbing hold of the amulet, Liat held it before Nahid.

“Great, Liat’s talking to herself now.” Zahagrin comments.

“Crazy frog.” Pipes in Elric.

“Yes but where is the casing?” Nahid asks.

“What casing? You mean there is more? Where might I find it?” responds Liat with a sigh.

“I don’t know.”

“Well what does it look like?” At that Nahid shows her with a faint image floating in the air. “I assume you were the one to help with my power a little while ago. And what is with this on again off again power bursts? And the all can be magic and then all cannot?!?”

“You should know well, Wisest. Do you not like the power I can evoke within? Don’t you like having such control over magic?”

“I do, just wanting clarification and …” she stumbles. Then realizes she is going to have a rough time with this one.


This is honestly the most epic battle I’ve ever participated in. There were so many instances in which we could have bit the dust. The cool part was the build in the action.

At first, we were on the ship asleep. Then suddenly there is a shout. We fight our little fishy friends that we fought before. I thought, heh, this is old hat, they’ll be cleared off in no time. Suddenly another wave of fish hit. That was slightly different. Okay, a bit longer to clear them off. Then another wave hits with more tiny fish and a new size. My first thought was “Oooo, a challenge. This should be fun.” Then another wave. With more bigguns. Okay, this is a bit much. Then another. “Jesus we’re gonna die!” And THEN the general shows up. The fight that ensued was so epic it reminded me of the battle of Helms Deep. That was friggin awesome.

Oh, and that fish general. Yeah she’s a bitch. That’s why I gave her 1 star.

A Snag in the River

I’m gonna mirror your sentiment. This was also the most epic battle I’ve participated in as well. The storytelling element was ridiculously fun and the threat of death was real. In the future I’m going to use this battle as inspiration for battles of a similar style.

I believe the answer to throwing a leader enemy at such a large fighter-heavy group is to cheat in the manner I did with General Fosh’Taran. She was sheer ridiculousness. I think her stats could have been scaled back slightly in exchange for a wider variety of battle skills/abilities, but I am ultimately pleased with the look Leslie gave me when she learned the copy that held her was the true general.

Also, with everyone vaulting off each other to land crazy attacks and epically saving their comrades, the teamwork element was unequaled by anything your group has yet even attempted.

A Snag in the River

I forgot to mention this Jared. I’m impressed that you kept up a battle for that long. I’ve never been in a gaming session that was entirely combat. Sure there have been sessions where one fight has quickly led to another, but none where the entire 4 hours was a battle. Congrats on that and keeping people interested in what was going on.

A Snag in the River

Yes epric. Copy holding me, grrr. I feel like I should have known that was going to happen. Rediculous and Fantastic! It’s the first time Liat has gotten to the point of “Oh shit, I’m damn near out of mana and my friends are hurting bad!” Got to the point of feeling “ok, if I can’t help them and fry some badass fishies, then who is going to die and how many of them will I loose?” It was awesome and frustrating. I built her to damn near almost never run out of mana for a reason and congrats to you for getting her so close! If it hadn’t been for Nahid, well, lets just say I don’t even want to think about that! lol!

I just want to say thanks to everyone for making this so enjoyable and congrats to all of us for getting us all together for this battle! Let’s hope it stays this way!

A Snag in the River

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