The Old Prophecy

Aftermath of a Civil War

Amidst the cleanup, the companions seek their own answers.

(8:40am) Zahagrin, Russell, Elric, and Hector are discussing the prophecy when one of the guards steps up and informs Hector the Pasha wishes to speak with his son alone.

Elric asks, “How private?” Hector informs them, “He has specifically requested the three of you and myself to leave the prison.”

Elric unhappily suggests that Firouzeh may not want to just interrogate Arash. Hector explains he is about to give his report which will reach Pasha Firouzeh before he arrives to Arash.

Hector nods to the door and they leave. Zahagrin followed by Russell then Hector and Elric at last. They arrive in front of the prison cells which are much more accommodating than public prisons. As they exit the building Hector explains the prisoners held there he believes where those that personally spoke out against the pashas; specifically Firouzeh.

Elric asks, “you don’t think offing his son is within his power?”

Hector says no, “it would take a lot to frame him for murder. Besides, Arash is not armed. I know that, you know that so it will be difficult.”

Russell implies “what makes you think he can’t be possessed?” Hector, “and kill his father? Unlikely. Pasha will probably be with several guards.”

The other companions are allowed into the gate easily because the guards were told by Paladin Ironmail they were coming. Mark asks where Arash is being held and is given directions. As they walk down the street they hear a lot of chit chat about what has gone on. They approach what they assume is the prison noticing there are no windows.

As Elric is explaining his companions should be along shortly, the three walk up behind them. He says, “Liat, can I see the scroll?”

“Which one?” her reply and he says The Prophecy. She looks for it in her bag and starts to hand it to him. Just short she pulls it back and asks “Why?” Elric tells her, “You can trust me.” She has no trust issue with him but is still curious. “The paladin would like to look at it.”

She hands it off and he reads it. He then says the rest of the prophecy and just before he does, Elric slides Liat in front of him seeing she has taken her book back out to scribe it.

Paladin Ironmail says, “Interesting and eluding prophecy.” Mark says to him, “Are you familiar with the songs?” his reply positive and Mark continues, “Well meet Karim Kian. We all have seemed to come across them. Or at least pieces of them.”

Elric asks where he has heard the rest of the prophecy. Ironmail explains he was in the jungle on a mission and discovered a tablet with it on it. He took it back to the House Tisdale Estate and they are keeping it there.

The companions decide they should go to this jungle with the guide. He explains however the guide is dead and was killed on another mission later on. He heads to leave and Elric walks him to the gate. As he does Elric asks if he could help find Fereshteh. He agrees to.

Russell started to walk away and as he starts to pass an alley a hand reaches out. Rana explains, “We have found Hirad. He is at the thieves guild along with your other fugitive friend.” Russell thanks her and then asks if she could look for Fereshteh and let him know as soon as they knew. When he gets back to the group he explains what Rana has reported and they start to discuss what to do.

Elric argues he wants to stay right there and not let Arash alone. “I want to make sure he is alright and I am not leaving him with his father.” Liat suggests they go to the Mages’ Guild so she can ask around about the gem she has from the general. Aylie says she needs to do something with the armor leg coverings she has from the general and Liat says, “Why don’t you ask Elric’s friend?” Aylie responds, “Elric has friends?” Liat says yes then is interrupted by Mark who says “We haven’t had down time in a long time so we should find a bar.” Russell says, “I’m going to the Thieves’ Guild to check on Tojnoj.”

Zahagrin declares, “They would have loot and I’d like to loot the ruins.” All agree they need to go to the ruins but should do a few other things first.

Liat pipes, “They’ll have booze Mark.” Aylie “They have stuff! The would surely pay me or trade with me for this.” It is agreed they will head there and start off.

As they do a carriage pulls up in front of them and out steps Xenien GallantHeart. Mark recognizes him and steps up. They exchange a few words and Mark agrees to go now for training. He leaves the group again and is offered a celebratory drink with Xenien.

The other four continue on to the Thieves’ Guild after the thief notes they are friends with a Paladin of El.

Elric is taken to a suite to rest and be as close as possible to the prison as possible. He asks them if they could acquire a few things like a length of rope and a grappling hook. Then he asks if he could place the destination stone in a jewelry box.

Back with the rest of the group, they enter a large warehouse and Russell finds Tojnoj.

“So I hear about the adventure in the high council room.” Tajnoj says to Russell.

Russell says, “Ya but it cost me part of my soul. Can you fix that?”

Tojnoj replies, “Not in my specialties but you might try asking the thieves. I’m sure they have someone who could or at least know of someone with the capability.”

Rana walks up as Zahagrin and the others start eating breakfast. She says, “Well I am certainly glad you have managed to get here and have found yourself food.”

She then asks what they are seeking and Zahagrin explains he needs a hilt for his blade. Russell starts looking for magical gems and finds a Tourmaline gem for his chest plate. Aylie starts bartering for things. She takes out the 14 foot lance and asks what she could get for it. They start looking it over and they ask where she got it from. She explains “From General Ghobad.”

Aylie sells her lance and two gold rings. She bartered with them for 90 gold on the rings a piece.

Zahagrin asks about the bronze gem and they ask what he has to sell. He lists off a pocket watch, gems, diary, chain mail, and a magical great sword. He sells all of these except the diary for a bronze gem that allows him to hear in any language.

Liat asks Rana, “Have you heard anything on Fereshteh?” Rana replies, “I have not heard anything. May I ask why the interest in her?” Liat explains, “She is a friend of Elric’s, who is not with us, and she is good at what she does.” Rana takes note of this and Liat asks the others, what next.

Shortly after the guard left Elric’s room, he walked out looking for Avizeh. He asked where she was taken and is told the infirmary. He goes and asks where she is and then is told he would have to get permission to talk with Avizeh. He asks someone to get his permission from Pasha Firouzeh. An hour later a doctor came back and said he had permision to go see her. Elric follows him into a room and says, “I told you and you could have saved yourself and your staff a lot of time and running.”

The doctor started walking off and Elric turned to ask where she was.

Rolling to search or investigate brought up and possibility of law. Search is going to be used for items and such. Take a look at all the abilites.

Elric opens and searches a few of the rooms and eventually finds a room that is not locked and slightly open. He peaked in and knocked to get her attention. She opens her eyes motions him in. He pulls a stool over and she closes her eyes again and shakes her head, props herself up and thanks him for helping her. She asks how her brother is doing. Elric tells her, “I don’t know, they won’t let me talk with him. He is in with your father. He is being interrogated.”

“He will be alright.”

“I am worried for his safety.” Elric says.

He asked what happened after they left and she says “I woke up and the orc was there in a building.”

“That was Tojnoj.”

She explains that Tojnoj left a little while after her revival and that Arash helped her to her feet and they left. She then only remembers waking up in the high council chamber. She closes her eyes and Elric said, “You almost killed one of my friends.”


“He still feels the sting.”

“I know. I don’t know how I know, but I do.”

“Have you ever been to the Mages’ Guild?”

“No, I have not.”

“Your father has told me a few things but I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Did you have caretakers when you were young?”

“Yes. I had a few. Arash had some and they always were with him. Mine seemed to get ill often and I think a few even died.”

“Do you remember your amulet?”

“Yes my brother gave it to me after being in the jungles for the military.”

“What did it do?”

“It seemed to call out. Seemed to be angry. I do not know why.” Avizeh looked away, troubled.

“I think you need to seek out information at the Mages’ Guild. Maybe someone there could tell you what your powers are.”

“I cannot leave. My father would not allow it.”

“Then leave without your father knowing. I am not leaving until I know Arash is safe and you are too.”

“You don’t have to worry about him being safe. He is.”

Elric leaves the room closing the door behind him. He heads back to the room and checks on the stone.

Mark is drunk enough to be drunken master now and he is learning the history of House Romnus. He explains they were once part of Tisdale and it grew too big. He explains they are in Shahin the outliner shahrestaan. Paladin Romnus Hammerhand is the founding father who was a Paladin Monk. He talks with Mark a little about the trainings. Combat tactics, meditation and things. By the time they get to the estate Mark has a good idea of the history. The headquarters is located just east of the capital building. There is a lot of clean up on the streets and as they pass a pile of bodies he says a prayer for the spirits to move on peacefully and suggests Mark do the same.

They arrive and Xenien asks if they should enter and falls over. Mark helps him up and says “We shall”.

They don’t have much of a training area because of the damage and explains they serve Firouzeh. He spends the next few hours explaining mediation and Mark now has a new skill and aura. (evening)

Liat tells them they need to go to the Mages’ Guild. (11am) They begrudgingly agree to go with her to the guild. Zahagrin calls for a taxi and Habib pulls up wearing a new hat. The Mages’ Guild is towards the east side of where the major fighting occurred. There are a lot of soldiers around cleaning up and lining up bodies for identification. They arrive at the Mages’ Guild around 11:30am. The three argue who is paying and Habib tells them it is on him. They walk into the guild and Liat asks if Gita is there. He is upstairs and they go to find him. He is sorting books out and Liat hops on top of the table in front of him. Surprised he asked what she is doing there.

“What happened to the wall?” as she notices the wall is blown out and smoldering still.

“When the disease took hold of people, some of us were actually taken. Dustrin the crazy fire mage minotaur ran around blasting things. Luckily we were able to retain him.”

“I see, so.” She pulls out the gem from General Ghobad, “what do you make of this?”

“Curious, you can see the magic in it just as I can.”

“I know but what do you see?”

“It’s very dark magic. I’d say almost warlock. I would be very careful with this.”

“Is there anyone here that would know more of this type? Anyone that could help point me in the right direction?”

“Here I do not know.”

“If I asked the registrar would she know do you think?”

“It is possible. However dark magic such as this, often consumes the being using it. It destroys them so I don’t know who you’d be able to find.”

“Hmm, ok thank you for your information and time.”

Liat leaves hops off of the table leaving him to finish sorting through the books and heads towards the registrar. Aylie and Zahagrin follow behind. “Time to go now? I’m tired.” Complained Aylie.

“Yes just one more stop…” As Liat walked up to the desk and asked, “Is Tahmouress around?”

The registrar told her that he left not but a few hours before. He was called to the Tisdale house in the south. The companions leave and Aylie hails a cab. Who of course was it but Habib once more. Laughing he said, “Where to now?”

“To the Tisdale estate in the south.” Chuckling he tells them they have the strangest requests then heads out. He inquires if they were hungry and planned to stop anywhere.

“I am hungry, and tired. Are we stopping?” Aylie says.

“If your paying, sure!” replies Liat.

Zahagrin adds, “I could eat. I had a lot for breakfast but there is always room for more.”

“There is a really nice restaurant on the way that doesn’t cost much.” Informs Habib and Aylie tells him that’s where would like to go. They eat and head back out to the road. (1pm)



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