The Old Prophecy

Empty Orc villiage leaves companions confused

looting and wolves

Elric takes the giant bug he has tethered and swings it into another one. Aylie stabs at one of the bugs in front of her. She notices that the head seems to be taking damage so she aims for it. Russell gets attacked by the five around him. He takes damage, but is still doing okay. Art gets attacked along with Mark and both take some damage. Zahagrin is swatted at by one and merely laughs at it.

Elric gets attacked by five around him and he rolled out of the way. He then jumped around one and looped it in the rope. Zahagrin stabs at one and kills it. Art smashes one with his hammer killing it. The squire closest to Liat slashes and kills one. The other squire and the rest of the crewmen kill the bugs closest to him. Liat sends her Arc Lightning killing five more bugs.

Elric runs in between Mark and the squires dragging the bugs behind him. The others that were around him furiously fly towards him. Aylie jumps acrobatically up towards Russell and kills one popping its head off. She then stabs another, which stabs wildly at her in turn and misses. Russell gets attacked and he evasively maneuvers out of the way.

Zahagrin double shoots towards two and kills them both with his bow and arrow. Mark Fury Strikes, killing one, damaging another, and missing a third. Mark had switched to his battle staff before this. Liat climbs the mast and sends Arc Lightning at five. She kills 3 and the others cling to life. Elric starts to reel in the one he has on the end of the rope. It fights back and he starts running towards the stairwell, bug in tow.

Aylie stabs dramatically at one of the bugs, stabbing its eye out and then cutting its head off. Elric jumps towards the railing still holding the rope. He manages to jump off and the bug attached to the rope gets caught on the railing. Russell and Mark defend themselves furiously against the bugs. Zahagrin shoots two, dropping them out of the air. Art takes the chance to kill the bug caught on the railing and the rest of the bugs are either killed or fly away.

Zahagrin climbs down from the crows nest and Liat jumps off the mast. (5:30) Mark goes to Liat to ask her to heal him. Elric heads off to mend his armor and weapons. Liat heals Mark and then after about 3 hours she figures out how to mend the bones he has broken and does so.

Zahagrin asks Elric to help him figure out how to attach his sword to the handle he has found. Elric tells him no, as he doesn’t know how to.

Around midnight or so Aylie recognizes the terrain around them. She knows they are coming up on Mulldot. She gets the crewmen to help her dock the ship. The ship is anchored and as they anchor it they see a large galley ship flying the flags of House Tisdale and of El. Elric readys the long boat and Zahagrin, Tojnoj, Elric, Liat, Aylie and Art get in the boat and head to the dock.

They get to the shore and as they are walking Elric doesn’t see his horse any more. They find in there path a spear partially beaten up. As they continue to walk they hear human voices speaking. As they come around the corner Paladin Ironmail is speaking with 10 men and a cloaked figure.

One of the guards informs him that the companions are coming.

“Hail there, friends!”

Elric asks, “What happened here?”

“That’s what we are trying to figure out. There is no sign of struggle or split blood.”

Tojnoj speaks up, “If they were leaving they would’ve headed to the closest city.”

“Isn’t that your city?” Chimes Elric.

“Well I suppose it is and I think the closest other orc city is Mumlot. We can head there.”

“I suppose I can try to track them where they have gone.” Says Zahagrin.

“Well, lets start going.”
Elric hears horse hooves on stone and he tells everyone. “Hector tells them to get off the road and be quiet.”

As the sound approaches, they can tell it is only one horse. Elric then sees it coming and realizes it is his horse. He calls out his name but the horse is still spooked. The horse turns to watch the road it was traveling on and as they check the horse over they hear howling. It is the sound of wolves howling. They start to head back to the town and Zahagrin decides to tell everyone they should head to the next town and see if the orcs are there.

Rakkis had heard of Art going with the rest of the adventurers and was kind of upset at it. He commandeered a ship to get him caught up with the others. He arrives at the Freyja. He gets on the Freyja and asks around for people. The group in the city start to run hearing the wolves howling become louder. They get on a few boats and start rowing towards the ships. they see on the shore as they depart the wolves. As they start to row on, they see a third set of masts. The third set bears House Beltrase flags. As they get closer, Rakkis yells from the Freyja.

“We were dealing with one, now we are dealing with both of them!” Exclaims Aylie.
When they get to the ship, Elric asks what Rakkis is doing there. They makes a shocking realization and shares.

“Wait, we actually had a paladin looking for us?”

A few normal chattering happens and they draw anchor. They head down to the next city which is Mumlot.

Elric goes down stairs to wake Mark. Elric tells Mark, “Mulldot is burned and there are giant wolves running all around.”

“Seriously?!? Why didn’t you wake me?”

Elric pulls the horse’s nose around the corner, “I got my horse. We are getting ready to head into the next city to find them. So rest up, get up and lets go.”

They land at Mumlot and no one is on the docks. Elric heads out in front of all of them and sneaks around. He finds tracks. Hector and Art are fighting to get in the city gates first. Zahagrin sees this and passes them. Liat on his back and they glare at them. Aylie sees Elric behind shrubbery and Elric starts walking out. Liat hops down and asks Elric what he was doing. He tells her he was hiding in case they were there still.

Zahagrin and Rakkis head into a weaponry and find weapon upgrades. Zahagrin leaves his short bow and finds a long bow. He starts to leave and Rakkis tells him he needs to pay for it.

Liat and Elric find an apothecary. She sees 8 bottles on a shelf and the back door open. She heads back into the room and sees bottles open. She can tell that some are healing and she goes to investigate them. Elric looks out the window and says, “You are not going to believe this.” He picks up Liat and they see out the window Rakkis lassoed Zahagrin and was currently being dragged behind him. Elric drops Liat and she extends to watch the rest. Zahagrin cuts the rope.

Aylie headed into the shop and started looting. Mark looks around for everyone’s position and continues on with the contingent of Hector’s men. He sees lights burning low. Aylie finds a bronze chain shirt.

Russell finds more tracks and most are newer tracks of wolves. They on top of those are newer Orc tracks. At Russell’s best guess there are about 8 wolves and could be more because they move very smart. He finds single file tracks of lines of the Orcs and headed in a mass exodus coming from the South. Others from the city.

Liat and Elric find a brew of strange potions. They bottle them and end up with 4. Then back at the shelves they gather all the rest of the potions. 16 small, 4 medium and they spilt carrying them. Liat suggest they find another bag to carry them in.

Zahagrin off in the houses, finds a horned helm and a potion of sustenance. Mark looking in some of the houses sees wolf claw markings on the walls. Liat and Elric run into Rakkis who tries to get them to pay. Liat says no and walks on. They find a few shoulder bags and put the potions in them. They walk up on Russell, Art, and Hector as Russell is explaining the tracks he found.

Aylie has Liat look at a cloak she found and Liat discovers it’s a cloak of stealth. Liat tells Elric he should try to purchase that from her. He asks her to let him purchase it.

Rakkis speaks with Art about possibly sending a magical message. Art suggests asking Liat. They ask her and she suggests using one of the scrolls to send someone back to the city. Nahid tells her she needs to stay put and not go to a house in which she doesn’t even know who lives there. She also tells her she isn’t even sure if the scrolls will work and without telling her out right, tells her she is to strong to leave the group alone. Liat huffy explains, “_I_ wasn’t going to go and I wouldn’t send someone to a house! I would send them with the scroll to land somewhere in the city. Then have them take the message where it needed to go! I am not stupid, seriously!” Elric responds to Liat as she speaks to ‘herself’, “crazy frog”. (Jared, this is the tirade you missed when Matt interrupted…again. -leslie and drew)

Mark hears the wolves coming from the north. He starts running as Karim tells him he thought the same thing. He meets with Russell and Zahagrin who say they heard the wolves and were after Tojnoj. Tojnoj came running past them and said, “Wolves, let’s go.”

Elric, Liat and Aylie were in a long boat and started heading off. The rest get in the boats and head off.


Woah! Where’s the next part!? We made it into the temple and met a Sporc… or dozen, and captured one. Leslie! Fix it!


I noticed this. I have a pretty clear recollection of the capture of the Sporc, and the trap room that tried to fill with water. I imagine she has it in a document somewhere.


It was the basement level below the Rhoksana Library ruins. Shortly beforehand you were all up top battling a bunch of giant wolves. Hector Ironmail and his soldiers led most of them off your trail so you could continue your search.


I’ll be getting the update posted shortly. I have work at Saazo then a wedding today to shoot then I will get it up either really effing late tonight or tomorrow when Xavier naps.


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