The Old Prophecy

Of Interims and Expeditions

An afternoon holdover at House Tisdale and the reunion of the companions lead to a late night skirmish on the deck of the Freyja on the Parand River.

Elric arrives back at the guest suite and there is a servant waiting for him but it is not Saeed. Elric talks with him and warns him there will probably be a lot of people joining him for dinner. He then goes to rest removing his armor for once and relaxing. After a bit the servant comes back and tells him his lunch is ready.

He asks him he has had lunch and he has. Elric sits and eats well being a guest of Firouzeh. Another servant comes in with the rope and grappling hook he requested. He tips the servant and waits.

Liat, Zahagrin, Russell, Aylie and Tojnoj leave the restaurant and along the way they see people working to clean up the bodies and blood from the streets. They leave Hafez and Habib’s taxi is stopped by an officer. He asks about their business to Habib who reassures the young officer that these travelers are of no harm. When they get closer to Hafez they see it has been fairly kept well. They see ahead of them a flag bearing the symbol of El. Some of the guards are just standing at or leaning against the wall outside the estate, obviously on duty. One of the squires approaches the taxi as the companions are getting out. The squire introduces himself as Squire Jontas. Liat asks if the wizard Tahmouress has been through here recently.

“I am not sure , I was only put on duty a half our ago. If you would like I can escort you through the estate.” Jontas calls out an order to have the doors opened.

When they head through he asks if Tojnoj could kindly remove his hood. Tojnoj lets the others know that at least here he would have political immunity.
As they come through they see flags holding the deities of good and lawful representations. They notice no slaves here as is typical of a House of El. Jontas tells them that if he is here he would be in the estate house most likely. As they walk into the main atrium they notice it is quaintly decorated. In the center of the back wall there is a large desk with a squire not wearing most of his armor. He is sitting back in his chair with his legs up on the desk reading a document. Jontas clears his throat and the other squire gets up. Squire Emil is his name and he tells the group that Tahmouress has since left after receiving a letter from Paladin Hector Ironmail. He says he can try finding out more from higher up. He leaves and Jontas asks if the group was part of the war in the city. Zahagrin then tells him their story, lavishly embellishing the details. After a bit Jontas asks their names. They introduce themselves and when Russell says his last name and Jontas declares he was in the The Coliseum when Russell was there. “I hear House Beltrase bartered with the Imperial Council on your behalf.”

Russell then explains that he let a few orcs out of jail. Jonatas informs them he feels it was probably for the best they were released and that it is almost a crime for one to be of Tojnoj’s color.

They hear a door open and Emil clears his throat. He introduces the wife of Paladin Ironmail, Lina. She inquires what they are in need of talking to Tahmouress. Liat tells her, “He has knowledge of things that I need his help with.”

Lina Ironmail suggests that they talk in private. They head into a room and Jontas closes the door behind him leaving them to talk. She tells them that her husband and Tahmouress were leaving to investigate ruins in the south. She suggests that they could use the group’s help and Liat agrees it would be intriguing to go but needs the rest of her companions. “Could you send a courier?”

“Mark went with a Xenien FunnyPants or something. And Elric is at the Firouzeh Estate.” Says Zahagrin.

She sends couriers and they wait.

Elric’s rope and grappling hook arrive around 12:30 and he starts to read on Sasan. The servant comes back and tells Elric that he was able to locate his friend Fereshteh.

“Where did you find her?”

“She was reluctant to come to the estate with me but she wrote you this letter.”
It reads that she has felt ill through the whole experience and has been downtown since the attack and has been looking after people who need first aide and such. She has many things to do and hopes to return to her shop soon. She tells him she hopes to see him at her shop soon. At the bottom of the scroll is something written in Sasani he cannot read.

The servant asks if there is anything else Elric needs. He tells him he is fine for now but they may want to get ready for his companions who could arrive at any moment.

Elric sits down to clean and polish his armor, lacking the tools to properly repair it.

(3:50) there is a knock on the door. Saeed answers it and there is a courier there. He explains that he has a message for Master Elric. He reads it to him telling him his companions are at House Tisdale waiting on courier from the Paladin Hector Ironmail.

He agrees to go and asks the courier to tell his companions. He tells the servant to take a break and heads upstairs to get his gear. He takes the stone over to the infirmary and talks with Avizeh. He tells her to leave it with her and keep it safe. Never let it leave her side.

“I take it you are leaving since you are leaving it here with me.”
“Yes, we will be out of the city and this is how we get back to the city. Whatever takes place take notes of and let me know when I get back please.” He bows and takes his leave. He finds a taxi and heads to the Tisdale estate.

Mark hears a knock at the door. Xenien asks, “Are you expecting company?”

Mark shakes his head, then Xenien says “Shall we answer it?”

They answer the door and the courier asks for Mark. Mark tells him that he will be heading there roughly at 6:30. Mark goes back to his training.

The courier arrives back at house Tisdale informing the group that Elric will be leaving shortly. The second one shows up and tells them that Mark will be leaving around 6:.30 to head down to house Tisdale. The third courier arrives just shy of 6 and informs Lina “Unfortunately when I arrived the expedition was already parted. Word was sent ahead informing you were seeking the wizard Tahmouress.”

While they are waiting at the House Tisdale Estate, Lina entertains them with many battles both her and her husband have been involved in. She gives them her opinion of Art. She basically says he has a good head on his shoulders and unfortunate that he is part of Drasule’s lead. She explains that her husband was sent on a diplomatic expedition with Art and he has a harsher way of dealing with political affairs than her husband.

Elric shows up shortly after the last courier. Zahagrin hassles Elric and the fighter walks inside. Mark arrives a short while later. They argue about when to leave and Mark decides he wants to wait to get his armor repaired. They leave by taxi to the docks to catch up with the expedition.

Mark talks to the blacksmith that came to deal with him. He purchases an iron heater shield. He heads back to house Tisdale to find Art waiting there. Art informs Mark that he has found the Fraya and it has seen no damage. The two of them head off with two of Art’s squires in tow. They are headed for the ship.

Mark and Art chit chat on the way.

(Jared, fill in please. I went to restroom at this point and didn’t get your story.)

9 PM and the companions are on the docks. Aylie and Zahagrin argue which ship they should commandeer. Elric is wanting passage on a ship for Mulldot to get his horse back. He starts to yell “seeking passage to Mulldot!” They hear a few men laughing. From there they see a figure start to walk their way. It is a ship hand who tells him to try six docks down. Elric and Zahagrin have a short conversation about getting laid and Zahagrin says to Elric, “At least I get some.”

“He had to pay for it.” Chimes Liat. Elric then grabs her hand and says “let’s go.” They start to walk and Aylie laughs following behind as she says “some of us don’t have to pay for it.”

“No, someone else covered your cost.”

They keep walking and Aylie sees a bipedal tall dark figure ahead. Liat climbs up Elric and takes a look. She can’ t tell what it is but it scurried behind some boxes. Liat climbed the boxes and Elric came to peer around the side. She sees a salamander looking thing. Elric pulls his sword and the figure jumps startled into the water.

A little down the way soldiers come up to the group and ask what they are looking for. The soldiers haven’t heard of the ship Freyja that Aylie had whined about to the soldiers. They didn’t have a clue on its whereabouts. They talk to a ship’s crewman who tells them they can negotiate passage before sunrise and find lodging at the inn down the way.

On their way towards the inn, Aylie sees her ship. They hear Mark and Art singing and they start hollering. Mark hears and they dock long enough for them get on. Aylie gets on and says, “I’m back boys.” Most go to bed. They continue to sail upriver to catch up with the paladin Ironmail. (11pm)

(3am) There is shouting on deck. Liat, Mark, Aylie and Russell wake. The shouting is “There is something crawling up the side of the ship.” “Oh my god what is that? There’s lots of somethings climbing up the ship!”



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