The Old Prophecy

Quelling the Rebellion

The assault on the Imperial High Council capitol building.

Mark, Aylie, Zahagarin, and Art followed the servant down the familiar hall of the Firouzeh Estate mansion. Several of Firouzeh’s personal guard stood outside his audience chamber door. The servant announced the guests and a guard opened the door for the company of adventurers. The Pasha himself stood at his raised seat reading a scroll. He looked up and noticed them as they entered, then set aside the scroll and took a seat, his face expressionless. Art knelt before the Pasha as he had done the first time the adventurers met the Pasha and kissed the signet ring in a show of respect. When Zahagrin and Aylie took a seat and Mark approached the Pasha without bowing, Firouzeh flashed a scowl at the lot, but said nothing.

“I know what I heard last time we had audience with you, Pasha, what you said under your breath. We know about your daughter and Hirad. What did you mean by ‘not in this manner’?” Mark asked sternly.

“That is none of your business, adventurer,” replied the Pasha dryly. He stood from his chair and stepped down from the dais, approaching Mark slowly.

Mark explained what he knew about [ Ryan—Fill in here what you can recall ]. As the Pasha walked idly back towards the dais, he said over his shoulder, “It has only been days since you and your companions stepped foot in my city,” Firouzeh spun around, “This rebellion began only after you arrived. I do wonder what part you played in my son’s treachery.”

Mark went on to describe [ Again—I forget what all was discussed here ]. Art listened intently, obviously intrigued at the information he was apparently hearing for the first time.

Mark detailed the experience at the Mani Temple

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Mark informs Firouzeh of their last few days including the fact that his daughter was resurrected. At this Firouzeh says, “You think I am unaware of my daughter being resurrected?” Mark replies he assumed she has been seen since Arash is leading the rebels. He nods to a guard who them leaves the room.

Firouzeh gets back down from the seat, leans in to talk with Mark and Art. He tells them, “My daughter has dabbled in the dark arts. She was born with the ability to manipulate peoples’ souls. She has the characteristics of a warlock.” Then sits back down.

Mark tells him this is incredible news that should have not been kept. Then he tells him of the wizard who came through town roughing up the magic guild. Firouzeh tells them her care takers often would become sick and a few died around her. Arash was the only one who would be able to be around her. Firouzeh tells them if they need to take care of her to make sure they keep their lives to do so. He parts ways and the group agrees to leave and find Arash.

Russell and Rana are still headed to the council room. They manage to go undetected through most of the city. Rana hears a lot of voices coming from ahead and tells them they are close to the city. They decide to go in use the rooftops. The building is surrounded by the city guards and the rebels. There are three buildings in which they stand on. Across the way is a huge plum of smoke shadowing part of the area they are looking at. The courtyard is surrounded by gaurds of the rebel cause. They are all motionless and stone faced. The 15 spaced on the roof tops are signaled by Rana and all understand. She tells Russell they are all prepared once they know their entry point.

Elric and Liat travel back towards the city council building. They come up behind the column of the rebel army and decide to head south towards the city hall. As they do, Liat feels funny, vision goes black and then she comes to seeing herself as though she is watching herself. She hopes off of the horse and zaps Elric with lightening. Then she comes to knowing what has just happened and sees Elric fall from the horse. She rushes over to him tells him she didn’t do it, but she did, but really didn’t. He pulls his sword out as she is explaining and then heals him. He gets up points his sword to her throat and she stands there. Tells him she is sorry and she didn’t have control and they need to get with the rest now. She then feels the amulet pulse strongly and tells him that is unusual. He grabs her and holds his sword to her throat telling her to activate the stone.

Ailey, Mark and Zahagarin are walking with Art who keeps stopping to give orders. Ailey notices some of the soldiers getting sick. They have them separated from the rest of them. Then they see a paladin in front of them. A paladin of Ell. His name is Hector according to Art. Mark tried to run off to ask him a question and Ailey catches him to stop him. Mark breaks free of Ailey’s grasp.

Mark runs toward the paladin as he grabs the handle of his sword. Mark seeing this calls out “Amani” and the paladin laughs. Then he thinks he is Hirrad. Mark introduces himself and then Paladin introduces himself as Hector Ironmail of the house of Tisdail order of Ell. Mark hears a soldier cough and he tells Hector he should remove him and tells him why.

Zahagarin, Ailey and Art come up behind a group of guards. Several are relaying information back and forth between them. Art steps off into and ally then Elric and Liat pop in. Zahagarin tells Elric to let her go. Elric hands her to Zahagarin who puts her behind him. Liat walks back in front starts to explain then gets shoved back. This happens three times before Liat decides to climb up to his head.

They are close enough to an ally way to be seen by Russell. Russell notices them and then ties a hook through Gobad’s head and uses it to grapple to a building.

Russell says its time for the distraction and Rana signals a fight. It breaks out and then there is an arrow hits metal and someone shouts out and soldiers start marching. Then Russell slides to the roof of the main building followed by Rana.

Mark hears Karim say faintly “Zahagarin is not himself.” Mark walks up to the group then hears Zahagarin cough. Mark yells move then Liat jumps to the wall. Mark misses Zahagarin draws his blade and Elric then attacks. He attacks his legs. Ailey feels lightheaded, says “I fell funny. What do we do?” Then she aims for his right leg and it hurts. Zahagarin comes to and says, “that hurt.” Ailey says, “good! You attacked us.” Zahagarin hears Liat ask what happened and if he saw himself. He says yes vaguely.

Back at Russell and Rana, Russell breaks through the ceiling blocks. He sees Arash standing over Avizeh’s body. He has a glazed look and starts to yell orders to the guards around him. Russell magically sees a dark aura around her. He deduces that she is the center of the problem. He drops down with his sword dropping to her. It cuts through her and Arash drops to his knees and starts screaming as do the rest of the “tainted” do the same. Outside Liat and Zahagarin see a flash of what happened to them when they were being controlled. They have a sharp pain and then nothing. They hear all the screams and Liat decides to levitate the destination stone inside the building. They zap in and Zahagarin opens the door. Liat magic awares the room and can tell the dark magic has dissipated and lingers in the room.

Avizeh drains Russell’s soul and then gets up from the table confused. She asks what has happened. They tell her that she was controlling everyone around and her father even called her a warlock. Mark starts talking with Karim who decides to tell him he has been there to see what has just happened. They discuss what to do next and they ask Rana to find Hirrad.

At that moment, Hector comes in armed and sword drawn. Elric says to him, “Do you really need that? We are here and he is on his knees.” The paladin rests his sword on his shoulder and tells his company to stand down. They make an agreement to take him back to the Firouzeh estate. They leave and Elric puts his cloak around Avizeh, holds his dagger towards her side as they walk off. Zahagarin and Russell join them while Mark, Ailey and Liat stay behind to search the room they were just in.

They search the room and find nothing. Liat asks a guard where the Ostendar’s room would be. The guard agrees to show her the room and escorts her there. The door is locked. Back in the room Mark suggests they leave. They start walking off.

Elric and Zahagarin walk in with them all and Arash is taken one way and Avizeh another. Elric apologizes to her and retrieves his cloak. She is being taken to the infirmary because of being chilled and Arash to a holding cell.

They decide they are going to find somewhere to rest and wait for the others. Liat, Ailey, and Mark show up a short while later.



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