The Old Prophecy

The Aftermath of Fishy Trouble

Art, Russell and Mark start throwing bodies overboard. Aylie tells them to put the head on the front of the ship. The deckhands ask what Aylie wants them to do and she gives them their orders. Liat manages to get 2 healing potions from Zahagrin. It took some coaxing but she finally gets them. She takes one herself and gives the other to Elric who still is hurting badly. He has broken ribs they all assume and no one to mend the bones. Zahagrin starts downstairs for bed after the battle he is tired.

Aylie realizes that no one is steering the ship and runs to the wheel. Once there she sees they are about to catch the bottom. She starts turning the wheel and yells, “Where’s the cow?!?” Aylie realizes she doesn’t quit know which way to go and was having a hard time getting the ship turned. Liat replies, “He’s downstairs!” and starts to head downstairs to retrieve him.

She gets him to come up and he starts to help with repairs. He sees one of the squires helping a deckhand loose his grip of the rope and it goes flying. Zahagrin smacks him upside the head and helps. Russell is currently stabbing pieces of General Fosh’Taran on the railing of the ship. Her head she spikes in front of the front mast and her body he throws overboard.

Liat speaks with Nahid about the past, current and who has pieces of her brethren. Liat heads towards the deck and runs into Elric. She introduces Nahid to Elric who then sighs. He says “Is your staff talking to you like Mark’s shoulders talk to him?”

“Yes. This is Nahid.” Nahid tells Liat that she does not know who Elric is, he does not bear any of her brethren. She makes Elric grab the staff thinking it may help Nahid and Nahid tells him, “Let go of me!” Elric lets go, wipes his hand down his shirt and says “that’s great.” He then continues down the steps to his bed. Liat then heads on to find Aylie.

She finds Aylie at the wheel and speaks with her. Aylie holds Leily and Aylie is the Lilac of Rohksanna according to Nahid and Liat explains this news to her. Aylie tells Liat it’s weird that her staff talks to her. As Liat walks off to speak with Russell she calls over her shoulder, “Just wait until we get the rest of yours, she’ll start talking to you.” Aylie sighs.

Liat goes up to Russell and introduces Nahid to him. Russell replies, “Hello?” Nahid explains that he bears Afsar. Liat chooses not to tell him who he is for fear of it going to his head. Russell is the Chosen.

She leaves his side and as she starts to head to the stairs and sees Art she stops. He is meditating, Liat carelessly interrupts. Liat asks Art if it would be easier to meditate down below. He tells her the sounds of the ocean help him concentrate for his meditation and prayers to Drasule.

Art explains he is afraid that his arrival brought about the news that Mitra had been found. It was revealed to him by Drasule in his meditation. Nahid hearing this says to Liat, “So Drasule has stake in this I see. The Protector has more in store for us than we know.” Liat tells Art, “Well I hope where we are going reveals what we need.” Art’s reply soft and thoughtful, “Indeed.” He goes back to his meditations and Liat walks off. She finds her bed and falls to sleep. She has a dream of speaking with Nahid. (refer to Liat’s journal)

Mark is still watching the door for Tojnoj who has been dancing and singing for hours. He is currently trying to resurrect the 2 crewmen who were killed in the fight. After some time, the drumming stops. Mark opens the door and walks in. He speaks with the newly awakened crewmen.

“I know your captain could use the help with repairs if you are up to it.” Mark tells them.

“I feel fine.” As one looks at his tattered and torn clothing seeing no physical damage to his body as there was before. “Who did this?”

Mark points to Tojnoj and explains, “You owe him.”

“It is a weird feeling dying and coming back.”

“Believe me, I know.” Says Mark with an amused chuckle. “If you’re ready, we should go.”

Meanwhile, on deck Liat and Aylie see giant spikes above the tree line after witnessing the cloud of birds escape the trees. All in a panic flutter as they flew seemingly chased. Russell watches the movement for a while anticipating the distance. Elric ran best he could downstairs to get Zahagrin. Elric kicked him a few times and Zahagrin grunted at him. “Zahagrin, big monster.” “Huh, I’m up. Let’s go get it.”

They arrive on deck and when they do the creature stands straight up. It’s a giant wurm! It has a maw full of teeth, spikes down its back and centipede like arms. Liat asks Nahid what the creature is. “Wisest, surely you have studied about these.” Liat not needing the argument at that moment asked her to explain what she knew. “If you have studied you would know this is a wurm spelled without a Y so it is not in the prophecy for the Destined to challenge and kill. You would also know that this wurm hunts by vibrations so being on the water we should be safe.” Liat explains this to the crew after they told Mark, who had just come up the stairs stretching, to stay still and quiet. A gust of wind starts shortly after Mark the now paladin starts praying. A coincidence? Elric tells a few of the crewmen to ready the sails and jumps to the wheel getting them out of the sight of the wurm. Aylie takes over after Elric apologizes to her “I thought we wanted to get out of here and I took the initiative.”

Heading down the river the jungle on either side of them becomes dark and tangled. It makes the adventures wary and a large buzzing sound starts. They turn East to see large bugs come flying at them. Art, Elric and the squires ready themselves as one Squire wakes Mark. Liat Hydro blasts the oncoming bugs blasting away 6 or 7 of them.

Zahagrin having recently come from below deck, hands Russell one of the bows and arrows he has found and climbs the mast to the nest. He fires off an arrow. Liat blasts away roughly 4 more of them and the bugs swoop in. Aylie attacks missing one and injuring another unable to get through its exoskeleton. Mark defends against 2 and Russell defends against 5. Zahagrin has 2 swoop in at him and he defends soaking some of the damage. Elric gets swooped in on and snatches a bug using his grappling hook.

Russell attacks 3 of the bugs that have surrounded him. He slashes at one and hits him. He slashes at the other two missing one and not doing any damage to the third. They last one he slashes at he manages to injure some. Zahagrin double shoots one bug flying around him doing some damage. The bug seems un-phased. Art swings at a bug in front of him hitting it and kills it with his hammer. His squires swing at bugs, one misses completely and the other does little damage. Liat casts Arc Lightning and kills 4 flying bugs and injures one other. Mark casts Divine Justice helping him and those around him. (5pm)


hey guys canyou go through and add your flavor text? i remembered most of it but didnt catch it all. I reread this and am left thinking there is something missing. However what could be making me think this is all the time that Liat spent talking with Nahid is not in this. I thought it best to leave it to the journal since she hasn’t told anyone yet. thanks!

The Aftermath of Fishy Trouble

Wow, very nicely done! I’ll go back through it if I get the chance.

The Aftermath of Fishy Trouble

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