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Current skills: Loot I, Tumbler II Current Racial Qualities: Hardy, Harmless, Lucky Current Class Qualities: Nimble, Hawkeye Experience: 2702 Trainings: Weapon Prof. in rapiers, hard parry, setup blow, sailing, riposte Body Count:52 Current Armor: deer hide jerkin, socketedX2 belt w/gem of +1 strength, weremantis helm (grants darkvision), Current Weapon: socketedX1 iron rapier w/ garnet gem (grants bonus attack) Current Accessories: warlord medallion, signet ring, compass, spyglass Current Possessions: quicksilver dagger (from the horror dungeon), mythril plaque, assorted collection of costume jewelry and seashells, 7 scales from the sea serpent of legend, 2 fine gowns, fancy hat, mantis arm blade, antique locket w/ photos found in the captain’s quaters of the Freya, silver saphire necklace from the catacombs, the bejeweled rapier of S.J.B., finely crafted battle staff (gift from the monks) *Currently possesses the Relic of the Lost known as The Blade of Leili. *


Creation Date: 7/26/08

Size: Medium

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: Swashbuckler/Engineer Class Level:6/0 Alignment: Neutral Evil Description: 5’1’’. 110 lbs. Dark brown hair about shoulder length. Green eyes. Hometown: a moderately sized village along the coast Allegiance: to her pirate lord and no one else Beginnings: As the only child of a moderately well-off family in a moderately well-off village, she knew privilege and the life of the middle class. The family wasn’t wealthy to the point of extravagance and luxury, but there was enough of a family fortune to keep the family, and the girl, comfortable. At least, until she was of a marriageable age. Then she’d become her husband’s problem, yes? And she was a problem. Her mother named her “Ayliessandra.” A grand, and highly unpronounceable, name. The sort of name that proper ladies of the upper class would be jealous of because the proper bachelors of that same class would love it. Her mother had high hopes for the girl. But the girl just wouldn’t cooperate with her mother’s plans. Couldn’t cooperate. High society life just didn’t suit her. Fancy dinner parties in lavish manors in the country were more than just boring. They were outright torture. This girl felt as if she was born to explore, travel, and leave a trail of “fun” in her wake. It was in her nature to cause a little trouble every so often. Or on a daily basis. It depended on her mood, really. Eventually, her actual personality began to show through her reputation that her mother had carefully crafted and drawn out amongst the socialite crowd. Still, in spite of the trouble she created and the heartache she gave her parents, she never expected them to do what they did. Then again, what 14 year old expects her parents to sell her off to pirates? One afternoon in late summer, a battered old ship appeared on the horizon. People thought at first that it was perhaps part of a fleet that had been separated by a storm. Or perhaps a merchant vessel hoping to do some business in a new town. But as the ship drew closer, too close to be driven away, a black flag rose and the townspeople knew they had nowhere to run. They hid as many valuables as they could, including the young men whom they feared would be stolen for crewmen and the pretty girls for ship wenches. Except, however, Ayliessandra. Her parents forced her into her best dress and fanciest jewels, packed a few belongings and trinkets, and dragged her to the docks. This was a whole new situation for the crew of the pirate ship. They were used to folk running, screaming, begging and such. Not at all used to people offering up their young and pretty daughters in exchange for safety. Some of the other townsfolk saw what was happening and actually began adding bits of jewelry, gold, and other small valuables to the girl’s pack. And she knew then that the entire town, not just her family, was glad to be rid of her. The strange girl with the wild ways who could not, would not be tamed. The girl who would rather steal silk from the seamstress and feed the lighthouse fires with it than have a fine gown. The girl who was much more likely to “accidentally” knock an overloaded dinner plate into a gentleman’s lap than have a proper and civilized conversation with him. The pirate lord saw all this from his lookout point on the deck and found it all very fascinating indeed. He could also tell that the village they’d come across was much smaller in reality than on the map his crew had found. Hardly worth looting. Barely worth pillaging. So he called out to the crew to accept the offer and bring the girl to him. So they did. The village was spared the pirates’ raid and the girl’s troublesome ways. They never once thought that she might grow up, become a decent lady, and marry an acceptable man with the good sense to take her traveling once in while. They only saw the convenience of not having her around anymore. And so, as the ship began to sail away the girl was brought to the lord of the ship. He was of the mind to give her to the crew. It’d been several weeks since they’d stopped over in a port city for a bit of fun not entirely related to looting. But as he looked her over, the pirate lord began to sense her anger. There was enough rage boiling in her heart to set the sea on fire, and her less than saintly nature made it oh-so-easy to poison her soul against the world’s goodness. So instead of making her the crew’s plaything, he forbade them to touch her. He adopted her, by pirate law, of course, as his daughter. Even changed her name to “Aylie”, though that was mostly because he could barely pronounce her given handle. He and a few of the smarter crewmen taught her the ins and outs of swashbuckling and sword fighting, all the while encouraging her troublemaking to new levels and stoking the fires of the anger she carried. As the years passed, she grew in strength and skill, but her anger never faded. She never forgot what that stupid little town and its addlebrained citizens did to her. She knew that one day, her pirate lord and father would die, and that she would inherit the ship. Then it and the crew would be hers to command. And then she would have revenge so sweet it almost sickened her. Almost.


Aylie was a natural. She picked up the skills of sailing and pirating rather quickly. The crashing waves sang to her in a multitude of voices accompanied by the sounds of daily ship life and the cries of the pathetic citizens as she and the crew ransacked and looted their towns and ships. Her laughter could be heard for several city blocks amid the screams and cannon fire. It was basically the same routine from place to place, but Aylie found it endlessly entertaining. Sure, being a swashbuckler was work, but it was a task that she relished undertaking. The crew’s energy and lust for great treasure was renewed with each attack they made because of Aylie’s enthusiasm for it. The captain could tell that she would make an even better leader than he. If she survived long enough, she and her crew would be feared along the entire coast, perhaps even further inland. He thought that it was within her power to become worthy of legend, that it would be her name whispered in fear in port towns and used to frighten troublesome children into obedience. Not only did the captain see her as his deserving heir, but he loved and protected her as his own daughter. Knowing what he felt for her, one could then rightly imagine the captain’s horror at her loss. On a routine village raid that should have posed no danger, the crew came upon a strange little man who lived just outside the main village in a ramshackle hut that was in sorry need of repair. The man, in a calm and reasonable tone, politely told Aylie and her contingent that if they left the village at once, he would spare them. The crew in other parts of the village could hear her derisive laughter and thought that all was as it should be. Aylie’s men, however, saw that something wasn’t quite right. Aylie, having no knowledge of wizards and magic, thought the old man a fool. She walk boldly forward, laughing as she advanced with her favorite sword drawn. Suddenly a flash of magefire erupted around her. Her men were blinded by its light and so could not save her. When their sight cleared, the crew saw that the little man and shack had been replaced with a rather imposing wizardly man standing at the gate of a large mansion and that Aylie was nowhere to be seen. The wizard drove the crew from the village, and as they boarded their ship one man stopped to inform the captain of what had transpired. He grew enraged that some lowly mage had dared to steal his daughter from him. Captain Westly leaped from deck to dock and challenged the mage. The mage didn’t know the captain’s power and underestimated his bond with the girl. Westly bested the mage easily, though there is none alive who will tell you how. They fear the same fate. All that is known about that duel is that at then end, Westly demanded that the mage return his daughter and that the mage replied, “I cannot! The spell only works in one direction. She is not dead, I swear it! I only teleported her out of my village to spare my people. That girl is poisoned with evil, but is young enough to be purified! Let her go. She is safe!” But Westly had heard enough. Knowing that Aylie still lived somewhere in the land made him impatient to find her. He asked where she had been sent, but the mage was newly trained in teleportation spells and had little control over destinations. He promised to find her for Westly, but he could not do so, no matter how hard he tried. So the crew left, but not after laying waste to the village. The blood of the mage was used to paint a message to Aylie, should she return there. Insofar, she has not.

“Ugh…ow…”,Aylie moaned as she returned to consciousness. “Where the bloody hell am I?” She cleared her eyes and looked around to see that where she was laying was nowhere near where she’d been standing when she was knocked out. Then she remembered the magefire. “What sorcery is this?! How have I come to be here?!” Aylie found herself locked in a filthy dungeon that reeked of death and decay. She was beginning to despair, being locked away from fresh air and the sea, but then she heard voiced from the other cells. She was not alone. She and the others were able to escape their cells, but it was clear immediately that escaping the cell was the least of her problems. The men forced upon her were no swashbuckler’s crew, but they’d suffice. “They call themselves ‘paladins’...whatever that is…but they seem strong enough. They’ll make a nice addition to the crew,” she thought to herself, “and the one called Art seems intelligent enough. He may get us out of here.” Navigating the dungeon was a lesson in fear. Aylie had never come across such creatures, nor had Captain Westly ever told her any stories describing them. The most frightening of all was man who tranformed into a hideous mantis after luring her and her companions to its lair. She defeated it gloriously, however, and took its head as a trophy and made it into a helm. After escaping, finally, the dungeon of terrors, Aylie once again found herself surrounded by blinding magefire but in the form of white light this time. When she awoke, the familiar sound of surf on sand greeted her. The town was not familiar but it didn’t matter. Aylie sprinted to the docks and searched for her vessel, her home. But is wasn’t there and no one around had heard of the ship or her Captain Westly. “I am utterly lost…”Aylie whispered to the waves. “But not for long,” she vowed. She signed on as a crew runner for pirating crew who had masterfully disguised their craft as the work of “honest merchants.” It was a decent living, though admitedly not as fun as actual swashbuckling. She made friends with the lower crewmen, made lovers of the men in charge, and began working her way into the attention of the captain in hopes of him taking a liking to her. Then maybe he’d take her along on his “trade expeditions.” That would give her the chance to hunt down her home and her true family. However…


It was a hot afternoon in a small fishing town and Aylie was on a small errand for a client. She was to pick up a package she was pretty sure contained experimental firearms. She was sure to discreetly give them a try before handing them over to her client. Were it not for the handsome sum she was being paid, her client would have never seen her or his weaponry again.

As she sat in a small tavern nursing a scotch and waiting for the salesman to drag his ass in, she took in the sounds of a barfight a bouncer had just displaced outside and rapped her fingers on the table, fighting off the urge to join in the brawl. The cries of gulls in the harbor and the murmur of business being conducted at the nearby bazaar were a familiar sound to Aylie’s ears. She breathed it in with a smirk.

Just then, the door slammed open and a tall elf stepped in and began searching the room. He was dressed rather fancy, donning a silk vest in blues and greens, but his shoes were ridiculously worn. Aylie turned her attention back to the glass in her hand, staring into the swirling surface of the alcoholic drink.

“Ayliessandra Saint Claire!”

Aylie turned her head and the elf caught her gaze. He strode over and sat down across from her.

“Excuse me? That seat is reserved,” stated Aylie with a hint of aggravation.

“I won’t be long.” The elf handed a note to Aylie, “This is from the Paladin of Drasule, Art SureShield. He paid extra to have this expedited to you. You weren’t difficult to trace. Every town from Gem to here has at least one unlucky fellow with a broken nose or a broken hand with your name on it.”

“I’m flattered,” Aylie remarked dryly as she opened the letter. At the bottom was Art’s signature and the seal of House Beltrase, Order of Drasule.

“I have a bag full of more of the same from Paladin SureShield. I must be off. Best of luck!” The elf scurried out the door.

Aylie turned her attention back to the letter.

“Ayliessandra Saint Claire:

“I apologize for the lack of formalities, for I must be brief. In our limited travels together I have come to know you as a tough fighter and a brilliant individual, so I beg of you a favor. “I am in need of a sailwoman to captain a vessel across the Middle Seas and assist in a task of great importance. I have a galley from the docks of my Lord Beltrase, of the Order of Drasule waiting at a southern port city named Silk Wharf. “If you are willing to acquiesce to my humble request, please meet me and your new crew at Silk Wharf at the Sad Silks Tavern the evening of the coming new moon. Your reward will be the ship upon which we sail. Her name is Freyja, and she is one of the fastest galleys on the Middle Sea, built by my Lord’s master craftsmen. “I hope to see you soon. Fare well in your travels to Silk Wharf.

Art SureShield,
House Beltrase
Order of Drasule”

“Silk Wharf, eh?” Aylie grins to herself. She had been there before and knew a few “businessmen” who frequented that port. She couldn’t help but be curious to find out what all this was about, and the opportunity to own her own galley sent excited chills down her spine. Lord Wesley would be most pleased if she were to sail into port on her new war galley Freyja to pay him a visit.

“The coming full moon… that gives me four days to collect on this transaction. Perfect.”

Aylie tossed back the remainder of her Scotch and rested her hand on the package next to her. Her thoughts couldn’t help but wander to the mystery outlined in Art’s letter. But first, she had some experimental firearms to deliver.

And then…...The journey hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. Getting away from the company she worked for wasn’t easy, and slipping away from her lastest conquest proved even more difficult. Not that she actually cared for him. He was just a bit on the insanely jealous side and had her watched incessantly when she was around the docks. That’s as far as his power reached, but at least it was better than the last one. He couldn’t order anyone around more than three docks on either side of his ship’s location. An utter waste of time, that one. She’d been planning on blackmailing the newest one by telling him that she wasn’t actually 19 years old, but 14. She could get away with it, too. Her small stature made her look much younger and she had proof that he’d taken her as a lover. He’d have paid her off royally, and then she’d be able to pass herself off as a lady of high standing and worm her way into the captain’s social radar. That was the plan until Art’s letter arrived. His invitation was irresistable to her pirate heart. Adventure, treasure, the change to pillage and burn along the way…and her very own ship as payment. After asking around a bit, she found a few who knew of the Freya. “So he’s telling the truth about her…” she whispered. Aylie was able to sneak out of town unnoticed, or so she thought. When she made to Silk Wharf, however, she stumbled upon a most unwelcome gentlemen. The sound of his voice made her blood boil and her body cringe in revulsion simultaneously. The smarmy oaf Smith Jacob Bareau had tracked her down…again. The disgusting lump of a man had taken into his head some time ago that Aylie, being young and lovely, was in love with him and was just playing hard to get. He took every opportunity to advance himself in Aylie’s good graces, but he went about it by groping and grabbing and whispering lewd suggestions in her ear. He conveniently ignored her when she cursed him, and had hired a healer to patch him up after he found himself repeatedly severly injured after his encounters with the girl. “I’m looking forward to castrating that one,” Aylie thought to herself. After a brief time in Silk Wharf and successfully evading Smith for the 100th time, it was time to set sail to the southlands. The Freya was every bit as beautiful as Aylie had imagined her to be. “As soon as my task be done, I’m off. Back to the western coast to find my home. They can’t have gone far,” she said. However, the calming effect of the song of the sea had little time to set in before the first of many sea battles occurred. Smith had followed her, again, but this time it seemed he had other goals in mind. He was after something specific, and it wasn’t Aylie this time. He didn’t last long, though. After wounding him severely, Smith tried to escaper her, but Aylie showed off her nimble acrobatic prowess by performing a rather impressive coup de grace. She snapped his neck between her knees and took his jewel encrusted rapier as her trophy. This fight was followed soon after by an epic battle with a legendary sea serpent. Aylie was living in one of her Captain Westly’s stories and she loved it.


Likes:being on the open water, sailing, giving orders, sword fights, money,having lots of money, gold, expensive gowns with matching shoes, relieving other people of their valuables, looting, exploring but not too far from the sea, ruining the "good" guys' fun (just ask Mark), starting bar fights, drunken revelry on the sea, hitting Mark, watching other people hit Mark, Liat (because she annoys Mark), shopping at the thieves' market,adventure stories, shiny trinkets
Dislikes:being landlocked, the jungle, all things disgusting, going more than a day without a bath, being off the water for extended periods, any mention of parents being a good thing, paladins, looking for paladins, paying for what can be easily pilfered, following orders

Ayliessandra (Aylie) Saint Claire

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