Elric Artise

A short tempered, quick-witted finesse fighter

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Fighter 5/Assassin 2

Dex 5 App 2 Int 2
Con 4 Cha 2 Per 3
Sta 2 Man 1 Wis 2
Str 3 Pre 1 Wit 2
Dha, Ene, Fai, Flo 1
Acrobatics 3
Edurance 4
Ride 2
Shields 1
Dodge 5
One-Hand 5
Animal Husbandry 2
Leadership 3
Linguistics 2
Perform 2
Subterfuge 3
Academics 3
Alertness 2

Elric is currently wielding the Diamond Ice Rapier


QUICK: Born and raised around Gem to a family of diamond grinders. Taught the trade to take up the family business. The Artise family accidentally mined into a malevolent mage’s land. The mage took offense to this and killed Elric’s family leaving him alive as a warning to any who would dare approach.

(to be edited and expanded upon)

Elric Artise

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