Liat Warbir

Frogling Sorceress, Short, Green and Tempermental, now learning the ways of a Healer

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I am Liat. I was born in Ribraw swamps outside the kingdom of Parad. Here I was raised for a time with my family and we lived happily. My father was a sorcerer and so I decided to follow in his teachings and learn the ways of a sorcerer. He taught me to use the water elements and infuse cold to better my combat spells. I learned from him for some time when he decided that I should move on to the city’s elders and learn what I could from them. There one of the elders taught be to bend lightening and use it to heat things and attack those that would harm me and my city. After the fall of the dragons and the time of the seven warlocks, the froglings and our cousin toadlings were thought to be dragon spawn and where hated. Some peoples find that we make an excellent delicacy and hunt us down. We are a people who are often afraid of many others but are not afraid to defend our home if need be. We have been chased and pushed back from most civilizations, isolated to live how we wish.

There are raiding parties however who do not know how to keep to themselves. One such party killed my mother and captured my father. We were scattered. Most returned eventually to Ribraw, a few of us traveled the land to Trapraw where our cousins lived. I met a very interesting toadling there named Xian. She is a healer. I tried to teach her to use water as an attacking force but she declined stating that “if I were to use such a force I would then feel obligated on some part to heal whom I injured. What would be the use?” I reminded her that carrying a bow is probably not in the best interest of a healer and I was met with a hostile remark of sorts. She left the city to go adventuring and heal whom she could.

I stayed behind for some time being lazy at times and practicing the art when I felt the urge to. I would never have left if it weren’t for yet another raiding party no doubt looking for a tasty treat and scattering us yet again. I decided then that I would adventure and learn all that I could of the world.

I wasn’t out for long before trouble found me however, and then led to a grand adventure where I met very interesting companions and even helped face a dragon. I was simply minding my business walking through a wooded area staying close to a few ponds that where about when 2 orcs and a demon attacked me. They really didn’t know who they were messing with either. I had just made my fly and moss lunch and was getting ready to swallow it when one of the stupid things threw a rock at me and missed! Dropped my lunch and made me angry. I used the skill the elder had taught me on 2 of them and in the middle of casting a hydro blast on the demon a few humans and a bird stepped in and helped. I was thankful and fortunate that these travelers didn’t want to eat me for themselves! When it was all said and done they invited me to join them on their adventures. I certainly had enough of being alone and thought these people would be fine to hang around for a bit. They were an interesting group to say the least. The Aven, as I later learned of this race, was extremely smart and taught me much. There was an assassin among us whom was from the moon. She transformed from this lovely lady to a tentacle spectacle that frankly scarred me to no end the first time I saw her. We went to a city and met with a king and sat to dinner that night. Unfortunately they were enjoying froglings. How the humans figured out a way to not get sick after eating one of my kind I’ll never know. We have a “poison” per say that we secret through our skin that has a tendency to make an animal sick if they lick or otherwise try to eat us. Basically it knocks them out.

We had sadly lost the Aven Sharith and I went along with a few others to speak with his people. From there I decided to go my own way for a while. I found a few companions from Gem and set off with them. I met my first drunken master with this group. Neat guy. His name is Mark. I’m not sure where he disappeared to after our quest was finished but I hope to meet with him again soon.

I hope to find Xian while adventuring and hear what she has been up to. While at the same time meet knew adventurers and aid in their quests or not. It makes no difference to me whether I help them or not as long as I am learning. Really I just want to go about my business and decided when meeting someone if I choose to help or not.

con 3 Acro 2 End 2 ride 0
dex 4+1 arch 0 hide 0 sheild 1
sta 2 brawl 1 mv sil 1 2 hand 0
str 1 dodge 2 one hand 1 thro 1
app 1 animal hus 1 intim 0 pub sp 0
cha 1 bar 1 lead 1 soc 1
man 1 cul 0 ling 2 sed 0
pre 1 emp 0 pref 0 subter 0
int 3 acd 2 (1) culture medicine 1
per 2 alert 3 enigma (2) path find 1
wis 2 conc 3 hearth 1 search 2
wits 3 crafts 1 lore 1 survival 1
dha 5 artifact 1(3) gesture 4 rit 0
ene 3 cant 0 intui 1 rune 2
fai 1 chem 2 mag aware 2 (2) school 2
flo 2 (2) div (pendant) magi lore 2 spirt 0
Skills Magical soul level1 -float 10ft for each action pool when falling, -when targeted with a spell gain =2 dice to magic resit (1action point)
spell schools : Water, Air, Mental (telekinesis)
Hydro blast Geyser Arc Lightening Ice wall Lightening Bolt Push
Training Cold Mastery mana boost Force of will Air mastery common, Elvish
Racial Qualities Sticky fingers Breathe water Hardy Secrete poison
Class Qualities Spell craft Magical Eye

Goals: Wander, Learn, Discover, Revenge, Reward, Find what happened to father.

I am small but fiesty, 3’4” and doubled when on toes, 40 lbs. Orange eyes and a light to dark colored green skin. Often wet to the touch, don’t anger me or poison I secrete.

total exp 3637 ex dots 3 sorcere exp 3300 next level 4200 Healer ex 337 level 1

Liat Warbir

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