The Old Prophecy

Empty Orc villiage leaves companions confused
looting and wolves

Elric takes the giant bug he has tethered and swings it into another one. Aylie stabs at one of the bugs in front of her. She notices that the head seems to be taking damage so she aims for it. Russell gets attacked by the five around him. He takes damage, but is still doing okay. Art gets attacked along with Mark and both take some damage. Zahagrin is swatted at by one and merely laughs at it.

Elric gets attacked by five around him and he rolled out of the way. He then jumped around one and looped it in the rope. Zahagrin stabs at one and kills it. Art smashes one with his hammer killing it. The squire closest to Liat slashes and kills one. The other squire and the rest of the crewmen kill the bugs closest to him. Liat sends her Arc Lightning killing five more bugs.

Elric runs in between Mark and the squires dragging the bugs behind him. The others that were around him furiously fly towards him. Aylie jumps acrobatically up towards Russell and kills one popping its head off. She then stabs another, which stabs wildly at her in turn and misses. Russell gets attacked and he evasively maneuvers out of the way.

Zahagrin double shoots towards two and kills them both with his bow and arrow. Mark Fury Strikes, killing one, damaging another, and missing a third. Mark had switched to his battle staff before this. Liat climbs the mast and sends Arc Lightning at five. She kills 3 and the others cling to life. Elric starts to reel in the one he has on the end of the rope. It fights back and he starts running towards the stairwell, bug in tow.

Aylie stabs dramatically at one of the bugs, stabbing its eye out and then cutting its head off. Elric jumps towards the railing still holding the rope. He manages to jump off and the bug attached to the rope gets caught on the railing. Russell and Mark defend themselves furiously against the bugs. Zahagrin shoots two, dropping them out of the air. Art takes the chance to kill the bug caught on the railing and the rest of the bugs are either killed or fly away.

Zahagrin climbs down from the crows nest and Liat jumps off the mast. (5:30) Mark goes to Liat to ask her to heal him. Elric heads off to mend his armor and weapons. Liat heals Mark and then after about 3 hours she figures out how to mend the bones he has broken and does so.

Zahagrin asks Elric to help him figure out how to attach his sword to the handle he has found. Elric tells him no, as he doesn’t know how to.

Around midnight or so Aylie recognizes the terrain around them. She knows they are coming up on Mulldot. She gets the crewmen to help her dock the ship. The ship is anchored and as they anchor it they see a large galley ship flying the flags of House Tisdale and of El. Elric readys the long boat and Zahagrin, Tojnoj, Elric, Liat, Aylie and Art get in the boat and head to the dock.

They get to the shore and as they are walking Elric doesn’t see his horse any more. They find in there path a spear partially beaten up. As they continue to walk they hear human voices speaking. As they come around the corner Paladin Ironmail is speaking with 10 men and a cloaked figure.

One of the guards informs him that the companions are coming.

“Hail there, friends!”

Elric asks, “What happened here?”

“That’s what we are trying to figure out. There is no sign of struggle or split blood.”

Tojnoj speaks up, “If they were leaving they would’ve headed to the closest city.”

“Isn’t that your city?” Chimes Elric.

“Well I suppose it is and I think the closest other orc city is Mumlot. We can head there.”

“I suppose I can try to track them where they have gone.” Says Zahagrin.

“Well, lets start going.”
Elric hears horse hooves on stone and he tells everyone. “Hector tells them to get off the road and be quiet.”

As the sound approaches, they can tell it is only one horse. Elric then sees it coming and realizes it is his horse. He calls out his name but the horse is still spooked. The horse turns to watch the road it was traveling on and as they check the horse over they hear howling. It is the sound of wolves howling. They start to head back to the town and Zahagrin decides to tell everyone they should head to the next town and see if the orcs are there.

Rakkis had heard of Art going with the rest of the adventurers and was kind of upset at it. He commandeered a ship to get him caught up with the others. He arrives at the Freyja. He gets on the Freyja and asks around for people. The group in the city start to run hearing the wolves howling become louder. They get on a few boats and start rowing towards the ships. they see on the shore as they depart the wolves. As they start to row on, they see a third set of masts. The third set bears House Beltrase flags. As they get closer, Rakkis yells from the Freyja.

“We were dealing with one, now we are dealing with both of them!” Exclaims Aylie.
When they get to the ship, Elric asks what Rakkis is doing there. They makes a shocking realization and shares.

“Wait, we actually had a paladin looking for us?”

A few normal chattering happens and they draw anchor. They head down to the next city which is Mumlot.

Elric goes down stairs to wake Mark. Elric tells Mark, “Mulldot is burned and there are giant wolves running all around.”

“Seriously?!? Why didn’t you wake me?”

Elric pulls the horse’s nose around the corner, “I got my horse. We are getting ready to head into the next city to find them. So rest up, get up and lets go.”

They land at Mumlot and no one is on the docks. Elric heads out in front of all of them and sneaks around. He finds tracks. Hector and Art are fighting to get in the city gates first. Zahagrin sees this and passes them. Liat on his back and they glare at them. Aylie sees Elric behind shrubbery and Elric starts walking out. Liat hops down and asks Elric what he was doing. He tells her he was hiding in case they were there still.

Zahagrin and Rakkis head into a weaponry and find weapon upgrades. Zahagrin leaves his short bow and finds a long bow. He starts to leave and Rakkis tells him he needs to pay for it.

Liat and Elric find an apothecary. She sees 8 bottles on a shelf and the back door open. She heads back into the room and sees bottles open. She can tell that some are healing and she goes to investigate them. Elric looks out the window and says, “You are not going to believe this.” He picks up Liat and they see out the window Rakkis lassoed Zahagrin and was currently being dragged behind him. Elric drops Liat and she extends to watch the rest. Zahagrin cuts the rope.

Aylie headed into the shop and started looting. Mark looks around for everyone’s position and continues on with the contingent of Hector’s men. He sees lights burning low. Aylie finds a bronze chain shirt.

Russell finds more tracks and most are newer tracks of wolves. They on top of those are newer Orc tracks. At Russell’s best guess there are about 8 wolves and could be more because they move very smart. He finds single file tracks of lines of the Orcs and headed in a mass exodus coming from the South. Others from the city.

Liat and Elric find a brew of strange potions. They bottle them and end up with 4. Then back at the shelves they gather all the rest of the potions. 16 small, 4 medium and they spilt carrying them. Liat suggest they find another bag to carry them in.

Zahagrin off in the houses, finds a horned helm and a potion of sustenance. Mark looking in some of the houses sees wolf claw markings on the walls. Liat and Elric run into Rakkis who tries to get them to pay. Liat says no and walks on. They find a few shoulder bags and put the potions in them. They walk up on Russell, Art, and Hector as Russell is explaining the tracks he found.

Aylie has Liat look at a cloak she found and Liat discovers it’s a cloak of stealth. Liat tells Elric he should try to purchase that from her. He asks her to let him purchase it.

Rakkis speaks with Art about possibly sending a magical message. Art suggests asking Liat. They ask her and she suggests using one of the scrolls to send someone back to the city. Nahid tells her she needs to stay put and not go to a house in which she doesn’t even know who lives there. She also tells her she isn’t even sure if the scrolls will work and without telling her out right, tells her she is to strong to leave the group alone. Liat huffy explains, “_I_ wasn’t going to go and I wouldn’t send someone to a house! I would send them with the scroll to land somewhere in the city. Then have them take the message where it needed to go! I am not stupid, seriously!” Elric responds to Liat as she speaks to ‘herself’, “crazy frog”. (Jared, this is the tirade you missed when Matt interrupted…again. -leslie and drew)

Mark hears the wolves coming from the north. He starts running as Karim tells him he thought the same thing. He meets with Russell and Zahagrin who say they heard the wolves and were after Tojnoj. Tojnoj came running past them and said, “Wolves, let’s go.”

Elric, Liat and Aylie were in a long boat and started heading off. The rest get in the boats and head off.

The Aftermath of Fishy Trouble

Art, Russell and Mark start throwing bodies overboard. Aylie tells them to put the head on the front of the ship. The deckhands ask what Aylie wants them to do and she gives them their orders. Liat manages to get 2 healing potions from Zahagrin. It took some coaxing but she finally gets them. She takes one herself and gives the other to Elric who still is hurting badly. He has broken ribs they all assume and no one to mend the bones. Zahagrin starts downstairs for bed after the battle he is tired.

Aylie realizes that no one is steering the ship and runs to the wheel. Once there she sees they are about to catch the bottom. She starts turning the wheel and yells, “Where’s the cow?!?” Aylie realizes she doesn’t quit know which way to go and was having a hard time getting the ship turned. Liat replies, “He’s downstairs!” and starts to head downstairs to retrieve him.

She gets him to come up and he starts to help with repairs. He sees one of the squires helping a deckhand loose his grip of the rope and it goes flying. Zahagrin smacks him upside the head and helps. Russell is currently stabbing pieces of General Fosh’Taran on the railing of the ship. Her head she spikes in front of the front mast and her body he throws overboard.

Liat speaks with Nahid about the past, current and who has pieces of her brethren. Liat heads towards the deck and runs into Elric. She introduces Nahid to Elric who then sighs. He says “Is your staff talking to you like Mark’s shoulders talk to him?”

“Yes. This is Nahid.” Nahid tells Liat that she does not know who Elric is, he does not bear any of her brethren. She makes Elric grab the staff thinking it may help Nahid and Nahid tells him, “Let go of me!” Elric lets go, wipes his hand down his shirt and says “that’s great.” He then continues down the steps to his bed. Liat then heads on to find Aylie.

She finds Aylie at the wheel and speaks with her. Aylie holds Leily and Aylie is the Lilac of Rohksanna according to Nahid and Liat explains this news to her. Aylie tells Liat it’s weird that her staff talks to her. As Liat walks off to speak with Russell she calls over her shoulder, “Just wait until we get the rest of yours, she’ll start talking to you.” Aylie sighs.

Liat goes up to Russell and introduces Nahid to him. Russell replies, “Hello?” Nahid explains that he bears Afsar. Liat chooses not to tell him who he is for fear of it going to his head. Russell is the Chosen.

She leaves his side and as she starts to head to the stairs and sees Art she stops. He is meditating, Liat carelessly interrupts. Liat asks Art if it would be easier to meditate down below. He tells her the sounds of the ocean help him concentrate for his meditation and prayers to Drasule.

Art explains he is afraid that his arrival brought about the news that Mitra had been found. It was revealed to him by Drasule in his meditation. Nahid hearing this says to Liat, “So Drasule has stake in this I see. The Protector has more in store for us than we know.” Liat tells Art, “Well I hope where we are going reveals what we need.” Art’s reply soft and thoughtful, “Indeed.” He goes back to his meditations and Liat walks off. She finds her bed and falls to sleep. She has a dream of speaking with Nahid. (refer to Liat’s journal)

Mark is still watching the door for Tojnoj who has been dancing and singing for hours. He is currently trying to resurrect the 2 crewmen who were killed in the fight. After some time, the drumming stops. Mark opens the door and walks in. He speaks with the newly awakened crewmen.

“I know your captain could use the help with repairs if you are up to it.” Mark tells them.

“I feel fine.” As one looks at his tattered and torn clothing seeing no physical damage to his body as there was before. “Who did this?”

Mark points to Tojnoj and explains, “You owe him.”

“It is a weird feeling dying and coming back.”

“Believe me, I know.” Says Mark with an amused chuckle. “If you’re ready, we should go.”

Meanwhile, on deck Liat and Aylie see giant spikes above the tree line after witnessing the cloud of birds escape the trees. All in a panic flutter as they flew seemingly chased. Russell watches the movement for a while anticipating the distance. Elric ran best he could downstairs to get Zahagrin. Elric kicked him a few times and Zahagrin grunted at him. “Zahagrin, big monster.” “Huh, I’m up. Let’s go get it.”

They arrive on deck and when they do the creature stands straight up. It’s a giant wurm! It has a maw full of teeth, spikes down its back and centipede like arms. Liat asks Nahid what the creature is. “Wisest, surely you have studied about these.” Liat not needing the argument at that moment asked her to explain what she knew. “If you have studied you would know this is a wurm spelled without a Y so it is not in the prophecy for the Destined to challenge and kill. You would also know that this wurm hunts by vibrations so being on the water we should be safe.” Liat explains this to the crew after they told Mark, who had just come up the stairs stretching, to stay still and quiet. A gust of wind starts shortly after Mark the now paladin starts praying. A coincidence? Elric tells a few of the crewmen to ready the sails and jumps to the wheel getting them out of the sight of the wurm. Aylie takes over after Elric apologizes to her “I thought we wanted to get out of here and I took the initiative.”

Heading down the river the jungle on either side of them becomes dark and tangled. It makes the adventures wary and a large buzzing sound starts. They turn East to see large bugs come flying at them. Art, Elric and the squires ready themselves as one Squire wakes Mark. Liat Hydro blasts the oncoming bugs blasting away 6 or 7 of them.

Zahagrin having recently come from below deck, hands Russell one of the bows and arrows he has found and climbs the mast to the nest. He fires off an arrow. Liat blasts away roughly 4 more of them and the bugs swoop in. Aylie attacks missing one and injuring another unable to get through its exoskeleton. Mark defends against 2 and Russell defends against 5. Zahagrin has 2 swoop in at him and he defends soaking some of the damage. Elric gets swooped in on and snatches a bug using his grappling hook.

Russell attacks 3 of the bugs that have surrounded him. He slashes at one and hits him. He slashes at the other two missing one and not doing any damage to the third. They last one he slashes at he manages to injure some. Zahagrin double shoots one bug flying around him doing some damage. The bug seems un-phased. Art swings at a bug in front of him hitting it and kills it with his hammer. His squires swing at bugs, one misses completely and the other does little damage. Liat casts Arc Lightning and kills 4 flying bugs and injures one other. Mark casts Divine Justice helping him and those around him. (5pm)

A Snag in the River
Engaged in a furious battle, the crew of the Freyja realize this is a fight for their lives and work together to fell their dangerous fishy foe.

Liat and Aylie head towards the side of the ship to see what is going on.

Elric stabs a fish in the head with a fury strike. He kills it easily then turns to another killing it just as easily then turns to another killing it too. Elric yells to Zahagrin , “3 Zahagrin , 3!” Zahagrin hits one killing it quite efficiently. Aylie stabs at one and kills one. Russell walks back over to Mark and swings at one of the fish. He misses it. Liat arc lightening one fish , then arcs to another and to 3 more killing all of them. Her spell went off with a flare of help from the stone. Tojnoj squeezes in between Zahagrin and Elric smashing one killing it instantly. Art does the same. Aylie swings again at another fish killing it cleanly. Art tells his squires to cover the other side. Mark kills 3 more after one of the squires cuts off the arm of one fish and the other squire misses.

The deck hands start to back away from the railing and Elric hollers, “Do not back away from the railing!” They step back up to it.

The next round of fighting begins when Elric hits a fish killing it, then misses one, then hits another killing it as well. Zahagrin hits and kills another fish. Aylie swings hitting and killing yet another fish. The ones that have died are just making way for more. Liat Arc Lightnings two in front of her and then towards the water. She kills two in front of her then fries a lot in the water. The explosion in the water brings 4 giant clawed fish up. Tojnoj hits and kills another fish. Art is leaning over the side splatting one against the side. Aylie swings hitting another fish killing it. Russell hits and kills another, then swings to another hitting and killing it as well. The next one he swings at he kills drastically and the last he cuts in half. One of the squires hits and kills another fish. Mark jumps on the railing killing 5 more fish. The other squire sees the large fish and runs over to swing at it. He misses epically.

The next wave of fish monsters climbs the ship and Elric gets hit and has a boost of adrenaline. Zahagrin swings at one of the big fish missing then swings again hitting and swings a third time hitting it and swings again hitting and killing it this time. Aylie notices the big fish then decides to hit and kill another small fish. One of the big fish turns and hits the squire that tried attacking it and knocks it to the ground. Liat forms an ice wall on the edge of the railing. She curves it at the top to make it heavy enough for it to tip. It tips off scrapping lots of fish off the side splashing into the water. Art call targets a large fish getting it attention. Russell sees the large fish hovering over the squire and runs to help.

Elric tells Zahagrin to take a knee. He does and Elric runs up him pinning it to the deck. Zahagrin aims at the head of the pinned fished and kills it. Aylie hits a fish and kills it. The large fish in front of Russell swings to attack him and hits him doing little damage. Liat arcs lightening puffing a fish, kills 2 more, hits the big one in front of Art dealing damage then it arcs to the large fish in front of Russell damaging it. Tojnoj moves towards the center trying to maximize his song. Art epically smashes the large fish in the face killing it in a bloody mess. Aylie heads to the fish in front of Liat killing it then moves next to Tojnoj. Russell drinks a healing potion after being hit by the large fish. The 2 deck hands stab at fish in front of them and kill one. The squire on the railing swings killing another fish. He is tired. Fish climb and attack at the squire climbing on him. Mark gets attacked by a fish and he gets bit. The next fish jumps at his face and he takes 2 lethal. The squire in front of the large fish next to Russell swings and hits it for 8 lethal. Mark gets extra adrenaline.

Elric runs to the large fish beast Russell is attacking. When he gets there he swings hitting the beast several times killing it. Aylie is tired and rests while the new large fish on deck heads towards Zahagarin. Zahagarin swings and hits the large fish hurting it in the process. Aylie then heads over towards the large fish and swings. Mark gets attacked by six fish, he blocks with his shield. Three of the fish hit his shield and the others hit him. His armor takes damage and his body starts to ache. Liat arc lightening the fish around Mark and a few of the crewmen and kills five. Russell goes to swing at a fish and his artifact handle he is carrying throws off a massive magical field. A lot of the fish around go crazy and most stumble while running away. Russell yells, “Regroup!”

Liat yells to him to do what he did again and she wasn’t sure what it was. Tajnoj starts beating a song on his drum and the result makes the large fish next to Zahagarin paralyzed. Art moved and changed his aura while Mark stays to fend off more of the fish instead of joining his companions. The squires head towards the rest of the group.

Elric yells, “Zahagarin! Take a knee!” He drops and Elric leaps over him and kills the large fish.

Aylie repositions and a large being steps up to the wheel. The being introduces herself as General Fosh’Taran. She telepathically speaks to the companions. “This ship is now mine and I am taking it to the bottom of the river.”

She lifts her arms and to her sides is a staff and a spell book floating. She makes a smirk, says a spell and an Ice Ball comes flying down at them. Elric senses the blast, flips and lands near Mark taking minimal damage. The rest of the group takes some damage and she slides down the rail to attack Mark. Mark blocks with his shield but misses and as he does she hits him in the chin. Elric seeing her move, brings his grappling hook out and flings it in Mark’s direction. It wraps around her arm and hooks into Mark’s belt knocking them into the railing. She yells a command telepathically to the large fish. They start to run and head towards Elric. They miss him and Liat lightening bolts Fosh’Taran. She takes some damage but not much. Russell then uses his axe to hit the large fish in the face with a dragon tooth. Russell then jumps up slicing Fosh’Taran in the arm. Her minions start to swarm the ship and attacks Zahagarin, Elric and Liat. They are all fine. Tojnoj hits the fish that attacked Liat and Art moved to Elric. He heals Elric and Elric realizes how angry he is.

Mark hears Karim Kian in his dream from being unconscious.

“So destined, I am here to help you throw what I can help you with. I can’t do much but I can do this.” Karim tells him and he gasps awake. He starts to climb the side and Fosh’Taran notices. Elric leaps over her and drew the rope over her. Mark lets go of the rope and the rope taunts. She flings Mark over her onto the deck in a fit of frustration.

Aylie charges towards the two large fish and slips. As she does she slips under them. Fosh’Taran closes her eyes and mutters something. She copies herself six times. The clones attack. One hits Liat and she soaks it. Zahagarin gets hit by a clone then he attacks a clone and hits it. It gets struck and as it doubles over after his arcane hilt blows a magical wave, it glares at Zahagarin through its one eye.

Aylie tugs on the one large fish next to her and hits the other so they collide heads together and fall to the ground. Aylie then stomps on their heads exclaiming, “So long whore’s bitches! Who’s next? Who multiplied the bitch?” Elric gets knocked down by a clone and is held down by her foot as the other one uppercuts him. Art gets punched and lands on his ass. Liat gets scooped up by the clone that hit her. Mark almost is hit by one and as he hears Karim say “Warlock born scum!” and Mark feels a strong pulse from Karim as his sword goes through the beast.

Liat hears in her mind a whisper, “Save me, Wisest.” and she regains mana. She believes the Fosh’taran body attached to Elric is her. She lightening bolts that one knocking it back breaking the railing and its body get pierced. It disappears. “Shit! The one that we need to kill has a hold of me!!! Kill this one!”

Russell gets attacked by many and he takes no damage. Aylie gets attacked and she manages to kill them both. Mark runs through in between two large ones and stabs Fash’taran in the chest 4 times.

Elric then runs and flips to land on her and as he does he yells, “Liat, blast!” Liat then lightening bolts his sword as he impales it into her back. Shortly after, Fosh’Taran throws Liat into the far mast and she lands using her sticky fingers. Dazed she looks on with a better view of the fighting field. Elric gets grabbed by one of the large clones and is thrown to the deck. Elric in pain, Zahagarin runs and steps on a fish to jump and stab Fosh’Taran in the chest with his arcane handle attached to his blade. He then drags the blade down her side. Russell slides his artifact in his glove and heads towards Fosh’Taran. Her and her clones move back. Aylie swings and kills 2 more fish as well as Art and a few of the crewmen. Aylie used the dragon fang stuck in the one to bang their heads together and knocked them unconscious.

Elric leaps to grab hold of his sword dealing more damage to her. She turns, grabs him and tosses him. Before he gets tossed, Liat curves an ice wall and Elric pushes off of the wall landing his sword into her body again. After a few of the smaller fish start to swarm the crew, Elric is picked up and thrown at Zahagrin. Aylie gets threw a few more beasts and then is lifted into the air high and held. Russell and Mark plan to rescue her.

Mark drops a steel stone on the deck boards flipping Russell into Fosh’Taran. The blow of him impaling her kills her. Her staff and book drop and her clones disappear. The rest of the fish try to scurry away and are killed rather quickly by the Freyja’s defenders. Liat jumps down from the mast and heads leaping to the front of the deck where Zahagrin and the others have started looting the bodies. All find gold, Russell picked up the spellbook and Zahagrin picked up the staff. The staff then speaks to Zahagrin saying, “Hmm, Treacherous. You are not the Wisest, where is the Wisest?”

Zahagrin knew the staff was referring to Liat, because of course who else would be carrying a staff. As Liat headed towards the front Elric and Aylie asked to be healed. Aylie was crying saying she was in pain and Elric, being close to death and honestly to Liat’s surprised he was still standing, said “Frankly Captain, suck it up. Others are worse off.”

At that Liat seeing Aylie stunned healed Elric with the staff and handed him her last potion. She then turned to Aylie and used the last of the staffs abilities for the day on her. Then she realized that she herself needed healed as did Mark. Realizing this she shook her head and headed towards Zahagarin and Russell handed her the spell book.

“Thanks,” flipping through it Liat continues, “I’ll give it to the Mages’ Guild, maybe to Tahmouress or Gita.”

Continuing on she reached Zahagrin who handed her the staff saying, “I think this is yours.”

“Wisest, finally! Fosh’Taran has held me far too long. I am Nahid.”

“And just how long has she held you? Also, I think you’ll recognize this.” Grabbing hold of the amulet, Liat held it before Nahid.

“Great, Liat’s talking to herself now.” Zahagrin comments.

“Crazy frog.” Pipes in Elric.

“Yes but where is the casing?” Nahid asks.

“What casing? You mean there is more? Where might I find it?” responds Liat with a sigh.

“I don’t know.”

“Well what does it look like?” At that Nahid shows her with a faint image floating in the air. “I assume you were the one to help with my power a little while ago. And what is with this on again off again power bursts? And the all can be magic and then all cannot?!?”

“You should know well, Wisest. Do you not like the power I can evoke within? Don’t you like having such control over magic?”

“I do, just wanting clarification and …” she stumbles. Then realizes she is going to have a rough time with this one.

Of Interims and Expeditions
An afternoon holdover at House Tisdale and the reunion of the companions lead to a late night skirmish on the deck of the Freyja on the Parand River.

Elric arrives back at the guest suite and there is a servant waiting for him but it is not Saeed. Elric talks with him and warns him there will probably be a lot of people joining him for dinner. He then goes to rest removing his armor for once and relaxing. After a bit the servant comes back and tells him his lunch is ready.

He asks him he has had lunch and he has. Elric sits and eats well being a guest of Firouzeh. Another servant comes in with the rope and grappling hook he requested. He tips the servant and waits.

Liat, Zahagrin, Russell, Aylie and Tojnoj leave the restaurant and along the way they see people working to clean up the bodies and blood from the streets. They leave Hafez and Habib’s taxi is stopped by an officer. He asks about their business to Habib who reassures the young officer that these travelers are of no harm. When they get closer to Hafez they see it has been fairly kept well. They see ahead of them a flag bearing the symbol of El. Some of the guards are just standing at or leaning against the wall outside the estate, obviously on duty. One of the squires approaches the taxi as the companions are getting out. The squire introduces himself as Squire Jontas. Liat asks if the wizard Tahmouress has been through here recently.

“I am not sure , I was only put on duty a half our ago. If you would like I can escort you through the estate.” Jontas calls out an order to have the doors opened.

When they head through he asks if Tojnoj could kindly remove his hood. Tojnoj lets the others know that at least here he would have political immunity.
As they come through they see flags holding the deities of good and lawful representations. They notice no slaves here as is typical of a House of El. Jontas tells them that if he is here he would be in the estate house most likely. As they walk into the main atrium they notice it is quaintly decorated. In the center of the back wall there is a large desk with a squire not wearing most of his armor. He is sitting back in his chair with his legs up on the desk reading a document. Jontas clears his throat and the other squire gets up. Squire Emil is his name and he tells the group that Tahmouress has since left after receiving a letter from Paladin Hector Ironmail. He says he can try finding out more from higher up. He leaves and Jontas asks if the group was part of the war in the city. Zahagrin then tells him their story, lavishly embellishing the details. After a bit Jontas asks their names. They introduce themselves and when Russell says his last name and Jontas declares he was in the The Coliseum when Russell was there. “I hear House Beltrase bartered with the Imperial Council on your behalf.”

Russell then explains that he let a few orcs out of jail. Jonatas informs them he feels it was probably for the best they were released and that it is almost a crime for one to be of Tojnoj’s color.

They hear a door open and Emil clears his throat. He introduces the wife of Paladin Ironmail, Lina. She inquires what they are in need of talking to Tahmouress. Liat tells her, “He has knowledge of things that I need his help with.”

Lina Ironmail suggests that they talk in private. They head into a room and Jontas closes the door behind him leaving them to talk. She tells them that her husband and Tahmouress were leaving to investigate ruins in the south. She suggests that they could use the group’s help and Liat agrees it would be intriguing to go but needs the rest of her companions. “Could you send a courier?”

“Mark went with a Xenien FunnyPants or something. And Elric is at the Firouzeh Estate.” Says Zahagrin.

She sends couriers and they wait.

Elric’s rope and grappling hook arrive around 12:30 and he starts to read on Sasan. The servant comes back and tells Elric that he was able to locate his friend Fereshteh.

“Where did you find her?”

“She was reluctant to come to the estate with me but she wrote you this letter.”
It reads that she has felt ill through the whole experience and has been downtown since the attack and has been looking after people who need first aide and such. She has many things to do and hopes to return to her shop soon. She tells him she hopes to see him at her shop soon. At the bottom of the scroll is something written in Sasani he cannot read.

The servant asks if there is anything else Elric needs. He tells him he is fine for now but they may want to get ready for his companions who could arrive at any moment.

Elric sits down to clean and polish his armor, lacking the tools to properly repair it.

(3:50) there is a knock on the door. Saeed answers it and there is a courier there. He explains that he has a message for Master Elric. He reads it to him telling him his companions are at House Tisdale waiting on courier from the Paladin Hector Ironmail.

He agrees to go and asks the courier to tell his companions. He tells the servant to take a break and heads upstairs to get his gear. He takes the stone over to the infirmary and talks with Avizeh. He tells her to leave it with her and keep it safe. Never let it leave her side.

“I take it you are leaving since you are leaving it here with me.”
“Yes, we will be out of the city and this is how we get back to the city. Whatever takes place take notes of and let me know when I get back please.” He bows and takes his leave. He finds a taxi and heads to the Tisdale estate.

Mark hears a knock at the door. Xenien asks, “Are you expecting company?”

Mark shakes his head, then Xenien says “Shall we answer it?”

They answer the door and the courier asks for Mark. Mark tells him that he will be heading there roughly at 6:30. Mark goes back to his training.

The courier arrives back at house Tisdale informing the group that Elric will be leaving shortly. The second one shows up and tells them that Mark will be leaving around 6:.30 to head down to house Tisdale. The third courier arrives just shy of 6 and informs Lina “Unfortunately when I arrived the expedition was already parted. Word was sent ahead informing you were seeking the wizard Tahmouress.”

While they are waiting at the House Tisdale Estate, Lina entertains them with many battles both her and her husband have been involved in. She gives them her opinion of Art. She basically says he has a good head on his shoulders and unfortunate that he is part of Drasule’s lead. She explains that her husband was sent on a diplomatic expedition with Art and he has a harsher way of dealing with political affairs than her husband.

Elric shows up shortly after the last courier. Zahagrin hassles Elric and the fighter walks inside. Mark arrives a short while later. They argue about when to leave and Mark decides he wants to wait to get his armor repaired. They leave by taxi to the docks to catch up with the expedition.

Mark talks to the blacksmith that came to deal with him. He purchases an iron heater shield. He heads back to house Tisdale to find Art waiting there. Art informs Mark that he has found the Fraya and it has seen no damage. The two of them head off with two of Art’s squires in tow. They are headed for the ship.

Mark and Art chit chat on the way.

(Jared, fill in please. I went to restroom at this point and didn’t get your story.)

9 PM and the companions are on the docks. Aylie and Zahagrin argue which ship they should commandeer. Elric is wanting passage on a ship for Mulldot to get his horse back. He starts to yell “seeking passage to Mulldot!” They hear a few men laughing. From there they see a figure start to walk their way. It is a ship hand who tells him to try six docks down. Elric and Zahagrin have a short conversation about getting laid and Zahagrin says to Elric, “At least I get some.”

“He had to pay for it.” Chimes Liat. Elric then grabs her hand and says “let’s go.” They start to walk and Aylie laughs following behind as she says “some of us don’t have to pay for it.”

“No, someone else covered your cost.”

They keep walking and Aylie sees a bipedal tall dark figure ahead. Liat climbs up Elric and takes a look. She can’ t tell what it is but it scurried behind some boxes. Liat climbed the boxes and Elric came to peer around the side. She sees a salamander looking thing. Elric pulls his sword and the figure jumps startled into the water.

A little down the way soldiers come up to the group and ask what they are looking for. The soldiers haven’t heard of the ship Freyja that Aylie had whined about to the soldiers. They didn’t have a clue on its whereabouts. They talk to a ship’s crewman who tells them they can negotiate passage before sunrise and find lodging at the inn down the way.

On their way towards the inn, Aylie sees her ship. They hear Mark and Art singing and they start hollering. Mark hears and they dock long enough for them get on. Aylie gets on and says, “I’m back boys.” Most go to bed. They continue to sail upriver to catch up with the paladin Ironmail. (11pm)

(3am) There is shouting on deck. Liat, Mark, Aylie and Russell wake. The shouting is “There is something crawling up the side of the ship.” “Oh my god what is that? There’s lots of somethings climbing up the ship!”

Aftermath of a Civil War
Amidst the cleanup, the companions seek their own answers.

(8:40am) Zahagrin, Russell, Elric, and Hector are discussing the prophecy when one of the guards steps up and informs Hector the Pasha wishes to speak with his son alone.

Elric asks, “How private?” Hector informs them, “He has specifically requested the three of you and myself to leave the prison.”

Elric unhappily suggests that Firouzeh may not want to just interrogate Arash. Hector explains he is about to give his report which will reach Pasha Firouzeh before he arrives to Arash.

Hector nods to the door and they leave. Zahagrin followed by Russell then Hector and Elric at last. They arrive in front of the prison cells which are much more accommodating than public prisons. As they exit the building Hector explains the prisoners held there he believes where those that personally spoke out against the pashas; specifically Firouzeh.

Elric asks, “you don’t think offing his son is within his power?”

Hector says no, “it would take a lot to frame him for murder. Besides, Arash is not armed. I know that, you know that so it will be difficult.”

Russell implies “what makes you think he can’t be possessed?” Hector, “and kill his father? Unlikely. Pasha will probably be with several guards.”

The other companions are allowed into the gate easily because the guards were told by Paladin Ironmail they were coming. Mark asks where Arash is being held and is given directions. As they walk down the street they hear a lot of chit chat about what has gone on. They approach what they assume is the prison noticing there are no windows.

As Elric is explaining his companions should be along shortly, the three walk up behind them. He says, “Liat, can I see the scroll?”

“Which one?” her reply and he says The Prophecy. She looks for it in her bag and starts to hand it to him. Just short she pulls it back and asks “Why?” Elric tells her, “You can trust me.” She has no trust issue with him but is still curious. “The paladin would like to look at it.”

She hands it off and he reads it. He then says the rest of the prophecy and just before he does, Elric slides Liat in front of him seeing she has taken her book back out to scribe it.

Paladin Ironmail says, “Interesting and eluding prophecy.” Mark says to him, “Are you familiar with the songs?” his reply positive and Mark continues, “Well meet Karim Kian. We all have seemed to come across them. Or at least pieces of them.”

Elric asks where he has heard the rest of the prophecy. Ironmail explains he was in the jungle on a mission and discovered a tablet with it on it. He took it back to the House Tisdale Estate and they are keeping it there.

The companions decide they should go to this jungle with the guide. He explains however the guide is dead and was killed on another mission later on. He heads to leave and Elric walks him to the gate. As he does Elric asks if he could help find Fereshteh. He agrees to.

Russell started to walk away and as he starts to pass an alley a hand reaches out. Rana explains, “We have found Hirad. He is at the thieves guild along with your other fugitive friend.” Russell thanks her and then asks if she could look for Fereshteh and let him know as soon as they knew. When he gets back to the group he explains what Rana has reported and they start to discuss what to do.

Elric argues he wants to stay right there and not let Arash alone. “I want to make sure he is alright and I am not leaving him with his father.” Liat suggests they go to the Mages’ Guild so she can ask around about the gem she has from the general. Aylie says she needs to do something with the armor leg coverings she has from the general and Liat says, “Why don’t you ask Elric’s friend?” Aylie responds, “Elric has friends?” Liat says yes then is interrupted by Mark who says “We haven’t had down time in a long time so we should find a bar.” Russell says, “I’m going to the Thieves’ Guild to check on Tojnoj.”

Zahagrin declares, “They would have loot and I’d like to loot the ruins.” All agree they need to go to the ruins but should do a few other things first.

Liat pipes, “They’ll have booze Mark.” Aylie “They have stuff! The would surely pay me or trade with me for this.” It is agreed they will head there and start off.

As they do a carriage pulls up in front of them and out steps Xenien GallantHeart. Mark recognizes him and steps up. They exchange a few words and Mark agrees to go now for training. He leaves the group again and is offered a celebratory drink with Xenien.

The other four continue on to the Thieves’ Guild after the thief notes they are friends with a Paladin of El.

Elric is taken to a suite to rest and be as close as possible to the prison as possible. He asks them if they could acquire a few things like a length of rope and a grappling hook. Then he asks if he could place the destination stone in a jewelry box.

Back with the rest of the group, they enter a large warehouse and Russell finds Tojnoj.

“So I hear about the adventure in the high council room.” Tajnoj says to Russell.

Russell says, “Ya but it cost me part of my soul. Can you fix that?”

Tojnoj replies, “Not in my specialties but you might try asking the thieves. I’m sure they have someone who could or at least know of someone with the capability.”

Rana walks up as Zahagrin and the others start eating breakfast. She says, “Well I am certainly glad you have managed to get here and have found yourself food.”

She then asks what they are seeking and Zahagrin explains he needs a hilt for his blade. Russell starts looking for magical gems and finds a Tourmaline gem for his chest plate. Aylie starts bartering for things. She takes out the 14 foot lance and asks what she could get for it. They start looking it over and they ask where she got it from. She explains “From General Ghobad.”

Aylie sells her lance and two gold rings. She bartered with them for 90 gold on the rings a piece.

Zahagrin asks about the bronze gem and they ask what he has to sell. He lists off a pocket watch, gems, diary, chain mail, and a magical great sword. He sells all of these except the diary for a bronze gem that allows him to hear in any language.

Liat asks Rana, “Have you heard anything on Fereshteh?” Rana replies, “I have not heard anything. May I ask why the interest in her?” Liat explains, “She is a friend of Elric’s, who is not with us, and she is good at what she does.” Rana takes note of this and Liat asks the others, what next.

Shortly after the guard left Elric’s room, he walked out looking for Avizeh. He asked where she was taken and is told the infirmary. He goes and asks where she is and then is told he would have to get permission to talk with Avizeh. He asks someone to get his permission from Pasha Firouzeh. An hour later a doctor came back and said he had permision to go see her. Elric follows him into a room and says, “I told you and you could have saved yourself and your staff a lot of time and running.”

The doctor started walking off and Elric turned to ask where she was.

Rolling to search or investigate brought up and possibility of law. Search is going to be used for items and such. Take a look at all the abilites.

Elric opens and searches a few of the rooms and eventually finds a room that is not locked and slightly open. He peaked in and knocked to get her attention. She opens her eyes motions him in. He pulls a stool over and she closes her eyes again and shakes her head, props herself up and thanks him for helping her. She asks how her brother is doing. Elric tells her, “I don’t know, they won’t let me talk with him. He is in with your father. He is being interrogated.”

“He will be alright.”

“I am worried for his safety.” Elric says.

He asked what happened after they left and she says “I woke up and the orc was there in a building.”

“That was Tojnoj.”

She explains that Tojnoj left a little while after her revival and that Arash helped her to her feet and they left. She then only remembers waking up in the high council chamber. She closes her eyes and Elric said, “You almost killed one of my friends.”


“He still feels the sting.”

“I know. I don’t know how I know, but I do.”

“Have you ever been to the Mages’ Guild?”

“No, I have not.”

“Your father has told me a few things but I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Did you have caretakers when you were young?”

“Yes. I had a few. Arash had some and they always were with him. Mine seemed to get ill often and I think a few even died.”

“Do you remember your amulet?”

“Yes my brother gave it to me after being in the jungles for the military.”

“What did it do?”

“It seemed to call out. Seemed to be angry. I do not know why.” Avizeh looked away, troubled.

“I think you need to seek out information at the Mages’ Guild. Maybe someone there could tell you what your powers are.”

“I cannot leave. My father would not allow it.”

“Then leave without your father knowing. I am not leaving until I know Arash is safe and you are too.”

“You don’t have to worry about him being safe. He is.”

Elric leaves the room closing the door behind him. He heads back to the room and checks on the stone.

Mark is drunk enough to be drunken master now and he is learning the history of House Romnus. He explains they were once part of Tisdale and it grew too big. He explains they are in Shahin the outliner shahrestaan. Paladin Romnus Hammerhand is the founding father who was a Paladin Monk. He talks with Mark a little about the trainings. Combat tactics, meditation and things. By the time they get to the estate Mark has a good idea of the history. The headquarters is located just east of the capital building. There is a lot of clean up on the streets and as they pass a pile of bodies he says a prayer for the spirits to move on peacefully and suggests Mark do the same.

They arrive and Xenien asks if they should enter and falls over. Mark helps him up and says “We shall”.

They don’t have much of a training area because of the damage and explains they serve Firouzeh. He spends the next few hours explaining mediation and Mark now has a new skill and aura. (evening)

Liat tells them they need to go to the Mages’ Guild. (11am) They begrudgingly agree to go with her to the guild. Zahagrin calls for a taxi and Habib pulls up wearing a new hat. The Mages’ Guild is towards the east side of where the major fighting occurred. There are a lot of soldiers around cleaning up and lining up bodies for identification. They arrive at the Mages’ Guild around 11:30am. The three argue who is paying and Habib tells them it is on him. They walk into the guild and Liat asks if Gita is there. He is upstairs and they go to find him. He is sorting books out and Liat hops on top of the table in front of him. Surprised he asked what she is doing there.

“What happened to the wall?” as she notices the wall is blown out and smoldering still.

“When the disease took hold of people, some of us were actually taken. Dustrin the crazy fire mage minotaur ran around blasting things. Luckily we were able to retain him.”

“I see, so.” She pulls out the gem from General Ghobad, “what do you make of this?”

“Curious, you can see the magic in it just as I can.”

“I know but what do you see?”

“It’s very dark magic. I’d say almost warlock. I would be very careful with this.”

“Is there anyone here that would know more of this type? Anyone that could help point me in the right direction?”

“Here I do not know.”

“If I asked the registrar would she know do you think?”

“It is possible. However dark magic such as this, often consumes the being using it. It destroys them so I don’t know who you’d be able to find.”

“Hmm, ok thank you for your information and time.”

Liat leaves hops off of the table leaving him to finish sorting through the books and heads towards the registrar. Aylie and Zahagrin follow behind. “Time to go now? I’m tired.” Complained Aylie.

“Yes just one more stop…” As Liat walked up to the desk and asked, “Is Tahmouress around?”

The registrar told her that he left not but a few hours before. He was called to the Tisdale house in the south. The companions leave and Aylie hails a cab. Who of course was it but Habib once more. Laughing he said, “Where to now?”

“To the Tisdale estate in the south.” Chuckling he tells them they have the strangest requests then heads out. He inquires if they were hungry and planned to stop anywhere.

“I am hungry, and tired. Are we stopping?” Aylie says.

“If your paying, sure!” replies Liat.

Zahagrin adds, “I could eat. I had a lot for breakfast but there is always room for more.”

“There is a really nice restaurant on the way that doesn’t cost much.” Informs Habib and Aylie tells him that’s where would like to go. They eat and head back out to the road. (1pm)

Quelling the Rebellion
The assault on the Imperial High Council capitol building.

Mark, Aylie, Zahagarin, and Art followed the servant down the familiar hall of the Firouzeh Estate mansion. Several of Firouzeh’s personal guard stood outside his audience chamber door. The servant announced the guests and a guard opened the door for the company of adventurers. The Pasha himself stood at his raised seat reading a scroll. He looked up and noticed them as they entered, then set aside the scroll and took a seat, his face expressionless. Art knelt before the Pasha as he had done the first time the adventurers met the Pasha and kissed the signet ring in a show of respect. When Zahagrin and Aylie took a seat and Mark approached the Pasha without bowing, Firouzeh flashed a scowl at the lot, but said nothing.

“I know what I heard last time we had audience with you, Pasha, what you said under your breath. We know about your daughter and Hirad. What did you mean by ‘not in this manner’?” Mark asked sternly.

“That is none of your business, adventurer,” replied the Pasha dryly. He stood from his chair and stepped down from the dais, approaching Mark slowly.

Mark explained what he knew about [ Ryan—Fill in here what you can recall ]. As the Pasha walked idly back towards the dais, he said over his shoulder, “It has only been days since you and your companions stepped foot in my city,” Firouzeh spun around, “This rebellion began only after you arrived. I do wonder what part you played in my son’s treachery.”

Mark went on to describe [ Again—I forget what all was discussed here ]. Art listened intently, obviously intrigued at the information he was apparently hearing for the first time.

Mark detailed the experience at the Mani Temple

(Edited thus far by JWoot)

Mark informs Firouzeh of their last few days including the fact that his daughter was resurrected. At this Firouzeh says, “You think I am unaware of my daughter being resurrected?” Mark replies he assumed she has been seen since Arash is leading the rebels. He nods to a guard who them leaves the room.

Firouzeh gets back down from the seat, leans in to talk with Mark and Art. He tells them, “My daughter has dabbled in the dark arts. She was born with the ability to manipulate peoples’ souls. She has the characteristics of a warlock.” Then sits back down.

Mark tells him this is incredible news that should have not been kept. Then he tells him of the wizard who came through town roughing up the magic guild. Firouzeh tells them her care takers often would become sick and a few died around her. Arash was the only one who would be able to be around her. Firouzeh tells them if they need to take care of her to make sure they keep their lives to do so. He parts ways and the group agrees to leave and find Arash.

Russell and Rana are still headed to the council room. They manage to go undetected through most of the city. Rana hears a lot of voices coming from ahead and tells them they are close to the city. They decide to go in use the rooftops. The building is surrounded by the city guards and the rebels. There are three buildings in which they stand on. Across the way is a huge plum of smoke shadowing part of the area they are looking at. The courtyard is surrounded by gaurds of the rebel cause. They are all motionless and stone faced. The 15 spaced on the roof tops are signaled by Rana and all understand. She tells Russell they are all prepared once they know their entry point.

Elric and Liat travel back towards the city council building. They come up behind the column of the rebel army and decide to head south towards the city hall. As they do, Liat feels funny, vision goes black and then she comes to seeing herself as though she is watching herself. She hopes off of the horse and zaps Elric with lightening. Then she comes to knowing what has just happened and sees Elric fall from the horse. She rushes over to him tells him she didn’t do it, but she did, but really didn’t. He pulls his sword out as she is explaining and then heals him. He gets up points his sword to her throat and she stands there. Tells him she is sorry and she didn’t have control and they need to get with the rest now. She then feels the amulet pulse strongly and tells him that is unusual. He grabs her and holds his sword to her throat telling her to activate the stone.

Ailey, Mark and Zahagarin are walking with Art who keeps stopping to give orders. Ailey notices some of the soldiers getting sick. They have them separated from the rest of them. Then they see a paladin in front of them. A paladin of Ell. His name is Hector according to Art. Mark tried to run off to ask him a question and Ailey catches him to stop him. Mark breaks free of Ailey’s grasp.

Mark runs toward the paladin as he grabs the handle of his sword. Mark seeing this calls out “Amani” and the paladin laughs. Then he thinks he is Hirrad. Mark introduces himself and then Paladin introduces himself as Hector Ironmail of the house of Tisdail order of Ell. Mark hears a soldier cough and he tells Hector he should remove him and tells him why.

Zahagarin, Ailey and Art come up behind a group of guards. Several are relaying information back and forth between them. Art steps off into and ally then Elric and Liat pop in. Zahagarin tells Elric to let her go. Elric hands her to Zahagarin who puts her behind him. Liat walks back in front starts to explain then gets shoved back. This happens three times before Liat decides to climb up to his head.

They are close enough to an ally way to be seen by Russell. Russell notices them and then ties a hook through Gobad’s head and uses it to grapple to a building.

Russell says its time for the distraction and Rana signals a fight. It breaks out and then there is an arrow hits metal and someone shouts out and soldiers start marching. Then Russell slides to the roof of the main building followed by Rana.

Mark hears Karim say faintly “Zahagarin is not himself.” Mark walks up to the group then hears Zahagarin cough. Mark yells move then Liat jumps to the wall. Mark misses Zahagarin draws his blade and Elric then attacks. He attacks his legs. Ailey feels lightheaded, says “I fell funny. What do we do?” Then she aims for his right leg and it hurts. Zahagarin comes to and says, “that hurt.” Ailey says, “good! You attacked us.” Zahagarin hears Liat ask what happened and if he saw himself. He says yes vaguely.

Back at Russell and Rana, Russell breaks through the ceiling blocks. He sees Arash standing over Avizeh’s body. He has a glazed look and starts to yell orders to the guards around him. Russell magically sees a dark aura around her. He deduces that she is the center of the problem. He drops down with his sword dropping to her. It cuts through her and Arash drops to his knees and starts screaming as do the rest of the “tainted” do the same. Outside Liat and Zahagarin see a flash of what happened to them when they were being controlled. They have a sharp pain and then nothing. They hear all the screams and Liat decides to levitate the destination stone inside the building. They zap in and Zahagarin opens the door. Liat magic awares the room and can tell the dark magic has dissipated and lingers in the room.

Avizeh drains Russell’s soul and then gets up from the table confused. She asks what has happened. They tell her that she was controlling everyone around and her father even called her a warlock. Mark starts talking with Karim who decides to tell him he has been there to see what has just happened. They discuss what to do next and they ask Rana to find Hirrad.

At that moment, Hector comes in armed and sword drawn. Elric says to him, “Do you really need that? We are here and he is on his knees.” The paladin rests his sword on his shoulder and tells his company to stand down. They make an agreement to take him back to the Firouzeh estate. They leave and Elric puts his cloak around Avizeh, holds his dagger towards her side as they walk off. Zahagarin and Russell join them while Mark, Ailey and Liat stay behind to search the room they were just in.

They search the room and find nothing. Liat asks a guard where the Ostendar’s room would be. The guard agrees to show her the room and escorts her there. The door is locked. Back in the room Mark suggests they leave. They start walking off.

Elric and Zahagarin walk in with them all and Arash is taken one way and Avizeh another. Elric apologizes to her and retrieves his cloak. She is being taken to the infirmary because of being chilled and Arash to a holding cell.

They decide they are going to find somewhere to rest and wait for the others. Liat, Ailey, and Mark show up a short while later.


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