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The City of Crown Port

Crown Port is the capital of Sasan, located in the Shahrnaz ostaan (def.). Divided into thirteen shahrestaans (def.), Crown Port is a bustling port metropolis of size, population, and economy rivaling Gem.

The residences appear stacked as high as they are deep and tight alleys weave throughout the city connecting the main thoroughfares. Horse-drawn carts, livestock, and pedestrians crowd the streets and the noise of daily living permeates the expanse of the city.

The market streets are lined with grocery and artisan shops and the open spaces are packed with bazaars featuring booths peddling everything from the alchemical to the unusual. The immense sum of money that exchanges hands within Crown Port city limits within a single day would astound even the most knowledgeable historian or scholar.

From the port and commercial sectors rise plumes of smoke and steam flaunting industrial progress and trade. Everything from small fishing boats to great merchant vessels sail in and out of the Bay of Khodad on their way to load or unload the next profitable cargo. The sound of metal on metal echoes from the dry docks as the Imperial Navy constructs the newest fleets of the finest military galleons the nation can afford.

Shahrestaans (def.)

Per the research conducted by Liat:

The grand city of Crown Port is a conglomerate consisting of several smaller cities that grew together into a bustling metropolis amidst the harsh climate of the surrounding jungles over the last 1000 years.

The shahrestaan boundaries are clearly defined by the city, but the extent of the self-governing authority of each pasha is an ever present source of tension in the Imperial High Council. The pasha of the outlier shahrestaans tend to want more autonomy for their respective territories since the economy and benefits of centralized government do not tend to reach out to their jurisdiction. The pasha of the inner shahrestaans see the benefits of centralized government much more readily and are willing to hand over some of their power and wealth to the Imperial High Council in exchange for access to the rich economy of the unified Crown Port metropolis.

Additionally, the strength, wealth, and influence of Pasha Jahandar Firouzeh is a strong case for serving as his pundit during any convention of the High Council for voting purposes. The unified voting power of the inner shahrestaans has been a source of headache for Pasha Farzad Mahasti and his fellow outlier pasha.

Hafez, like each of the shahrestaans, was once a city in its own right and was governed by the Firouzeh family’s ancestors even then. Now the richest shahrestaan in the city, the Firouzeh royal family has the most political power in all of Sasan.


Art Sureshield: Of all the cities to which I have been sent by House Beltrase to serve as an ambassador and counselor, Crown Port is likely my favorite. This city is dense with life despite the muggy weather. The sun seems brighter and the rains fall often to cleanse the streets. Among the chaos there is a striking order that governs the flow of the city as a heartbeat pushes blood to one’s fingertips.

The slave trade here is unequaled by any of the Northlands by virtue of its efficiency and cleanliness, and the proper treatment of the slaves is above reproach in all of the highest circles. The Coliseum seats are filled on a weekly basis and provides a steady stream of income to the state, meanwhile bolstering the nationalistic morale of the commoners.

I believe this city, despite its unique political situation, is poised to rise to the most powerful culture hub of the known world. I look forward to residing here with Kelia when that time arrives.

Mark Samson: This is an amazing city. Its architecture and art that I’ve seen could rival any of that made in the Northern Lands. It is a huge and bustling metropolis with people of all races, faiths, and backgrounds. The history is rich and amazing in its complexity. I miss the rolling hills and forests of Azerfall, but if forced to, I could learn to call it home.

Zahagrin: This city is huge. They may have the best brothels I have ever been to. With a paladin no less. I care not for the politics, they usually cramp my style wherever I go. The customs are a bit strict for my taste. It makes a pirate nervous when people want to poke their noses where they don’t belong. The city is nice but I yearn for the open ocean and ship to raid. However, I did receive info about Hadrogar. There may be more info here for me to glean about my brother’s whereabouts.

Aylie: The place where it all truly began…Don’t get me wrong, the journey here was far from boring, but it was more of an exciting introduction. My favorite part of the journey so far at any rate. I care not for politics of city leaders. Unless I’m able to twist one of them to my way of thinking, anyway. But we haven’t been in one area long enough for me to be able to exert my “influence” on anyone of note. Bah…at least the city held sources of all sorts of entertainment. Since we’ve moved on, well…not so much.

Crown Port

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