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Liat’s Personal Journal

The journal of Liat Warbir is often stolen unaware to her by at the very least Mark. Here you can read her thoughts and perceptions of her travels.

Page 1 A few days in and the trouble we encounter
Page 2 Latlir and such
Page 3 More troubles and what the heck!
Page 4 More complicatons
Page 5 Temple
Page 6 Rebellion
Page 7 On ancient reunion and fishy demise
Page 8 Large bugs and empty Muldot

The invitation that started it all:

“Aug. 31, before the new moon:

*“Legends from the southlands talk about a warlock Ieffedrin the Hideous. Is this where I have picked this magical stone up from? Where did Lilac get this? She said in the southern region. I will have to soon investigate. But first, this invitation I have received. I am too tempted for the adventure to ignore it….

“Liat of Ribraw, daughter of Grop of Ribraw:

“My name is Art SureShield. I have heard of you by means of a mutual friend. I’m sure you know Xian of Trapraw, the Healer. She spoke highly of your intellect and your skill in the elemental arts.

“I am recruiting a band of brave adventurers to cross the Middle Seas and assist me in a matter of dire importance. I have a galley from the docks of my Lord Beltrase, of the Order of Drasule waiting at a southern port city named Silk Wharf.

“You will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. The master sorcerers of my Lord Beltrase would be delighted to assist you in expanding your skill in the arcane arts. If you are interested in joining me, please meet me and my companions at Silk Wharf at the Sad Silks Tavern the evening of the coming new moon.

“Fare well in your travels. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Art SureShield,
House Beltrase
Order of Drasule”

Liats Notes

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