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  • Ostandar Asad (def.) (“Lion”)
  • Firouzeh
    • Pasha Jahandar Firouzeh – Pasha of Hafez, Pasha Firouzeh believes that the number one concern of the Shahrnaz ostaan is commerce and infrastructure. He thinks Pasha Mahasti is paranoid and over-sensitive to the rumors of the attacks, perhaps concerned with the Orcs because he has Orc blood himself.
    • Avizeh Firouzeh – Daughter of Pasha Firouzeh, killed by a mythical Sea Serpent in the Middle Seas. Her body was recovered by the adventurers and delivered to Pasha Firouzeh. She subconciously wields powerful Warlock magic, as revealed by Pasha Firouzeh and Avizeh’s control over her brother and a large portion of the Hafez populus. The pendant Liat wears was given to Avizeh by her brother when he found it on a scouting expedition near the southern Jungles of TeraRoot.
    • Arash Firouzeh – Son of Pasha Firouzeh, Knight of Crown Port. He has contacts all over the city, but is generally unaware of the influence over the High Council his father wields. Arash was mind-controlled by his sister while she was in an unconscious state to lead a rebellion against the Empire.
  • Mahasti
    • Pasha Farzad Mahasti – Pasha of Rasheed, Pasha Mahasti believes the rumors are not mere rumors, but signs that the jungle is alive and aggressive. He believes Pasha Firouzeh is an incompetent, selfish fool and the best course of action is to be proactive in investigating the attacks and using the Crown Port navy to protect the city by stopping the attacks from their source. He claims to have no Orc blood in his line.
    • Afshin Mahasti – Brother of Pasha Mahasti, Knight of Crown Port.
  • Pasha Esfandiar – Supporter of Firouzeh.
  • Pasha Babak – Supporter of Firouzeh.
  • Pasha Koosha – Supporter of Firouzeh.
  • Pasha Parishad – Supporter of Mahasti. His shahrestaan is the primary religious section of Sasan.
  • Pasha Sholeh – Supporter of Firouzeh.
  • Pasha Asal – Supporter of Firouzeh.
  • Pasha Hadi – Supporter of Firouzeh.
  • Pasha Homiera – Supporter of Firouzeh.
  • Pasha Kiarash – Supporter of Mahasti.
  • Pasha Shahram – Supporter of Mahasti.
  • Pasha Hooshyar – Supporter of Mahasti.


  • General Ghobad – General of the beast army that assaulted the Mani Temple. Slain and beheaded by the companions, Russell holds his head and the body was burned on a funeral pyre along with the slain beasts at the temple. The unnatural gem recovered from Ghobad’s charred corpse is in the possession of Liat.
  • General Fosh’Taran – General of the swimmer army that assaulted the Freyja on the Parand. Liat has possession of the Soul Gem, the spellbook, and the sentient relic staff Nahid found on the body of the General.
  • General Mutondor the Eviscerator – Per Tungil, the captured Wretched, Mutondor is the general of the Wretched army.

Other Hostiles


  • Borna Davood – Prominent merchant in Homa (Pheonix & Sea) Guild.
  • Cyrus – Reports directly to Borna Davood.
  • Dustrin – Minotaur Wizard (Lightning/Fire schools), member of Crown Port Mages’ Guild, witness to beast attacks on Orcish villages, fought hundreds of legged fish.
  • Fereshteh – Elric’s female blacksmith specialist contact in Crown Port bazaar district of Behbaha.
  • Gita Hamideh – Sorcerer (Water school), friend of Zharador, member of Crown Port Mages’ Guild.
  • Grokjat the Evoker – Orc Shaman of Grenfist on the outer rim of Zinjun Kifkin. He broke into the High Council to plead the Orcs’ case and ask for assistance from the Empire.
  • Omid family – Lives in Farah shahrestaan. Clothiers.
  • Rana Shahkam – Chief of the Thieves’ Guild in Crown Port.
  • Tahmouress – Wizard who was registrar at the time the silver-bearded destructive wizard caused a scene at the Mages’ Guild.
  • Tojnoj the Instigator – Orc Bard, acquaintance of Arash Firouzeh, knows Revive Chorale and brought Avizeh back to life.
  • Yousef & Samin Peymaneh – Family who’s daughter was saved from the fish. Middle class sailor and seamstress who own a small vineyard on their roof on the west side of Hafez.
  • Yukrawk the PeaceMaker – Orc Shaman of the city Hulgit that Grokjat fled to.
  • Zharador – Dwarf Wizard, friend of Gita, member of Crown Port Mages’ Guild, knowledge of Port Keys, staying with his friends the Omid family.

Paladins and Squires

Order of El

Order of Drasule

Other Friendlies

  • Adel – Captain of the freight ship Noushin that was attacked by the swimmers. Captain Zakaria insisted you sail to his aid.
  • FreyjaHouse Beltrase galleon, captained by Aylie.
  • Giant Sea Turtle – A giant sea turtle.
  • Habib – Taxi driver.
  • Hirad Pejman – Mark’s outlaw look-a-like. Hirad is a convicted murderer and known by face and name among many residents and royalty. Hirad is Avizeh’s lover.
  • Mojtaba Orang – Son of Sadegh. Current caretaker of the Mani Temple.
  • Rakshan – the male escort who spent the evening with Aylie.
  • Sadegh Orang – Ghost of the father of Mojtaba. Recolonizer of the present day Mani Temple. Killed defending the temple from wild beast attacks.
  • Saeed – Servant of the Firouzeh Estate assigned to tend to Elric during his stay.
  • Zakaria – Captain of the Sahar, heading upriver to Talhant. He took you aboard as mercenary crew to ensure the safe delivery of his cargo.


List of Names

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