Mages Guild

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The Mages’ Guild of Hafez

In most civilizations there still exists magic. There are those born of the power (Sorcerer), those who can wield it from the pages of a spellbook (Wizard), those who are spiritually attached to the Aetheric realm (Shaman) and those who are almost one with nature (Druid). For most it is wise for them to try and learn new spells and skills in a large group finding the master of their choice.

Since Sorcerers and Wizards share a common background, they also share a common area of study. The Mages’ Guild. Here they can find the different schools of magic such as air, fire, water, and earth spells along with a few others. All Guilds have a registry for their Wizards and Sorcerers to sign in. In most once they have registered they are given a pendant to keep with them. If they enter the building, the registry automatically tracks them. It knows where they are and approximately how long they have been there. It roughly knows what time they leave making it fairly easy for another wizard or sorcerer to find them. However their whereabouts are secure if a non-mage member tries to find them.

In the Hafez shahrestaan of Crown Port, the structure layout is similar to other guilds. The registrar is located in the guild lobby, immediately accessible to guests and members. Past the registrar often to the right is an area of study. Tables are set up for books to be used on and scrolls to be written. To the left is a general gathering area where another wizard could find a fellow friend. Beyond this point are stairs that lead you to 3 floors. The first floor is the library the second is another studying room with magical quills transcribing books for the wizards and sorcerers. Here some practice small spells that could not harm a fly.

The third floor consists of “rooms” for learning spells. These rooms are enchanted to keep the magic inside. They are illusionary rooms of forest, jungles, mountains, open plains and the likes. These allow for large scale spells to be used. Ones like the various types of walls, blast spells and such. This way it’s a controlled environment where the actual environment is not being harmed. It takes many wizards and many sorcerers to make the enchantments work and maintain them. For this there are the masters. Druids are called in to help set the elemental work in the enchanted rooms and they leave shortly thereafter. They do not want actual nature disrupted by magic practitioners.

Once someone has mastered the spell or skill they went there to learn they are free to go about their way. Often they spend hours in the vast library learning all they can. The library holds information from as many different cultures and lands around. Members of the Mages’ Guild pride themselves on the pursuit and seizure of knowledge, and are usually open to sharing knowledge to fellow members.

Mages Guild

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