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The Old Prophecy

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Players The adventuring companionship who recently stepped into a new world.
The Prophecy This prophecy of the Southlands was learned of by Art and found piece-by-piece by the companions.
List of Places There are many places in and around Crown Port the companionship has learned of or visited.
List of Names There are multitudes of people the companionship has encountered and made friends/enemies with.
Sasani Politics Art has briefly explained to you how the Sasani government is set up.
List of Terms Translations and explanations for Sasani and Southern Orcish terms unfamiliar to foreigners.
Sasani Lore The nation of Sasan has a rich history and culture filled with war, politics, legends, and myths.
Bestiary There are several races and hundreds of known beasts of the Southlands and presumably thousands more unknown inhabitants of the TeraRoot Jungle.

Offsite Information ProjectWhiteboard folder Feel free to upload/download anything out of here concerning Project Whiteboard or The Old Prophecy.

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