Mani Temple

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The Mani Temple

The Mani Temple is a temple of Khodad located several miles northeast of Crown Port, Sasan surrounded by the northernmost part of TeraRoot. The temple was recolonized by Sadegh Orang. Sadegh learned of the temple’s original intent to host and protect an Old Prophecy and brought several brave and devout believers in Khodad along with him to further the purpose.

Sadegh was killed several years ago when the temple was assaulted by the same type of unnatural creatures that have recently been attacking Orc villages. Learning of his father’s death, Mojtaba Orang took on the role of caretaker of the Mani Temple. He and the remaining monks have been defending the temple against attacks for the last few years, though each subsequent attack is more furious than the last.

When the companionship visited the Mani Temple, they were besought by the ghost of Sadegh to cleanse the Mani Catacombs of a species of eyeless tunneling amphibious beasts called Typhlichthys. Sadegh assured them that the creatures were acting outside of their normal behavior in terrorizing the catacombs by devouring the corpses of deceased monks and ancient royalty of Sasan and destroying carefully preserved antiques.

A strange gem was recovered from the forehead of the matriarch beast by the party, and upon its removal, the mother and her children shrank to their natural size and passive temperament. The gem crumbled to dust shortly thereafter.

Upon exiting the catacombs, the party informed their success to Mojtaba, who had a chance to speak briefly with his father before the ghost moved on. Having sighted scouts, the usual sign of impending attack, the party took to fortifying and defending the temple grounds. Here they stood against swarms of The Wretched and Jaguar, and finally felled a large unnatural Mao-like beast who called himself General Ghobad.

Per the researched conducted by Liat:

The Mani Temple long predates the current clergy and preserves an old prophecy that has presumably survived the ancient Rhoksana civilization. The temple is protected by a strong magic, primal in nature and divine in origin. The source of the magic is a seal in the center of the temple, protected by an elaborate locking mechanism encrypted by a puzzle of sorts.


Art SureShield: I was called here as both an adviser and a soldier to first assess the nature and frequency of the attacks and then assist in the defense. Here I learned of the prophecy and took a personal interest in it. I! have yet to understand the meaning, and due to my constant engagement in political affairs of Crown Port, I have requested the funding of the House Beltrase treasury to hire six renowned adventurers to assist me in pursuing my personal interests while I pursue the interests of the state.

Mark: The Monks defended that temple very well the day of the attack by the Wretched. I would be willing to stand with any of them again. Leave well alone the catacombs below the temple. The dead rest peacefully now that we have calmed the worms. Rest well abbot.

Aylie: I can’t say that I’ve ever put much thought into following prophecies and ghosts, but I think I’m sharp enough to spot sorcery when I see it. Someone put the enchanted gem on that eyeless tunnel bug (*shudders). I hate bugs. And beasts. And the jungle. Especially the jungle around this rotted temple. I don’t care how ancient and important it is. What kind of temple gets surrounded by these unnatural Wretched and jaguar? Oh right…this one! Blast this prophecy. It’s much bigger than we think it is. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever make it home.

Mani Temple

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