Relics of the Lost

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The Legendary Relics of the Rhoksana Civilization

Six relics, remembered in song as mythical items of power wielded by brave adventurers of the Rhoksana civilization in the tradition of the Sasani nation, were seemingly lost to the Zinjun Kifkin and time.

The companionship from the Northlands have seemingly begun to acquire pieces of the relics from the most unexpected places. Mark “Lich Slayer” Samson was the first to acquire a sentient piece in the Mani Catacombs who introduced himself as Karim Kian. Liat recovered the sentient piece of Nahid from the body of General Fosh’Taran aboard the Freyja.

The Relics
Relic Name Wielded By
Nahid the staff Liat Warbir
Afsar the gladius Russel Crowe
Karim Kian the cuirass Mark “Lich Slayer” Samson
Sayeh the shield Elric Artise? maybe?
Sadri Emad the falchion Zahagrin
Leily the rapier Ayliessandra (Aylie) Saint Claire

Relics of the Lost

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