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The Politics of Sasan

Sasan is an indepentent nation-state with its own hierarchical government structure. At the top of this hierarchy is the position of ostandar. The ostandar is responsible for governmental ceremony and country morale and serves as a spokesperson of and tie-breaker for the Imperial High Council of Sasan.

Often referred to as the Empire, Sasan is divided into several ostaans (counties). The largest ostaan, Shahrnaz, lies in the center of the country. The northernmost part of the Shahrnaz ostaan tucked up against the Bay of Khodad is where Crown Port is located.

Crown Port is divided into thirteen shahrestaans (provinces), each governed by a pasha. The pashas are the local lords of their shahrestaans, given the title by birth into their royal family when they take office. Each shahrestaan also has four executive offices called the majlis. The majlis are elected deputies that corroborate with the pasha of their shahrestaan to manage all civil affairs.

Sasani Politics

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