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The Old Prophecy of the Southlands

The scroll in Liat’s possession obtained at the Mani Temple:

In the era of the grand heart (in Sasani, could be referencing a civilization), the weight/daughter of Khodad will stand and from her lips (ambiguous, could mean mouth of a river) shall spill forth Ardalash/abomination (plurality is ambiguous), born of a poison (ambiguous, word is similar to Sasani for supernatural power) long ago.

The part of the prophecy recited in Common by Hector IronMail:

Across the forceful seas shall fly Mitra of foreign birth, of rare power. Mitra shall offer body in exchange, be called from land into darkness, the daughter of Khodad is free of all disease.

The Prophecy is derived from the language Rhoksana, so the translations may have errors and many words or phrases have multiple readings.

The Prophecy

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