The Wretched

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The Wretched

The Wretched were born of Warlock magic. They have the torso of an Orc and the body of a giant spider, and have all the advantages of each species. Tojnoj has expressed his and his fellow Orc’s disdain for the sentient race.

A Wretched called General Mutondor the Eviscerator is purported to lead the Wretched army by Tungil, the party’s Wretched captive. Nothing else is yet known of the alleged leader and the strength of the Wretched army itself.

Per the research conducted by Liat:

The Wretched were one of Ieffedrin’s creations. Orcs who became the first volunteers for the vile experiment were poisoned by Ieffedrin’s rhetoric and joined his campaign against civilization. They were considered traitors by their kin and thus dubbed “The Wretched” by the Orc Clans.

The Wretched fought side-by-side Ieffedrin’s army against the Sasani forces in The Battle for TeraRoot, serving as higher-ranking officers and directing the flow of battle. They are fierce combatants and moved in platoons numbering up to 30.

They, like Orcs, are adept with martial combat weapons such as thrown spears, short- and longbows, and axe/shield combos. Additionally, they are able to cover ground more quickly than normal Orcs, easily navigate dense jungle by scampering through the trees, and have a much more honed set of senses. Due to their many limbs, they are exceptionally stable and difficult to push around or knock down. They also have use of a spinneret to quickly immobilize their enemies.


Art Sureshield: I have not had the chance to meet these creatures called The Wretched with such loathing by the native Orc tribes. First hand accounts from those such as my brother Rakkis are however growing more plentiful, and from what I gather these… things… are belligerent and numerous. One must wonder about the lifespan of these creations of Ieffedrin’s dark rituals from the annals of Sasani history. Are they the same enemies driven back from the Shahrnaz borders in the battle so long ago or if we are now meeting the ancestors of generations of these beasts?

Mark Samson: Orcs are orcs. Whether they have two or eight legs, I don’t care. They can all rot in the pits of the netherworld for all I care. Still, after getting to know Tojnoj and a couple other Southland Orcs, I do have to give them some credit: they know that the Wretched are abominations. Neither they or I can stand an abomination to live. I for one will gladly help rid the forest of these hideous creatures.

Aylie: Vermin. Vile, disgusting, abominable creatures. My captain never allowed any pests to live aboard his ship, and nor will I once I claim mine. In the mean time, I’ll settle for squashing a few sporcs. They’re crafty and strong, but also unnatural. I mean, they’re half spider and half orc, two of the ugliest creatures under the sun and moon. Nothing that ugly can be anything but vermin in need of a good squashing.

The Wretched

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