Welcome to the Old Prophecy.

a word from your gm, the jwoot

So far, the Old Prophecy has served as a sandbox for me to learn all sorts of things about how to be a good GM and how to tell a good story. I’ve adjusted my storytelling pace a number of times and I’m still learning as of yet.

I’ve quickly come to realize that this is an incredibly dynamic story that is merely facilitated by myself. I have created a world that my friends can dive into as characters entirely different from (or similar to) themselves and weave a collaborative tale of politics, relationships, exploration, battle, and most importantly, loot.

I tell my friends who are unfamiliar with the concept of table-top RPGs that this is essentially a group of friends writing a novel, yet experiencing it at the same time. This is why I love the RPG experience. It is immersive and intriguing.

I thank all of you for your continued perseverance as the story takes its course and for being the driving force behind all the exciting events that have thus far transpired.


The Old Prophecy

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