Ieffedrin the Hideous

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Ieffedrin the Hideous

A leading figure of the military history of Sasan, Ieffedrin was a Warlock of the most insidious kind. He was known for his experimentation on the natural creatures of TeraRoot. His works sought to combine the creatures into powerful servants and warriors. His army of abominations was repelled and defeated by the combined forces of the navies of Sasan at the Battle for TeraRoot some 900 years ago and Ieffedrin himself fell at the end of the battle.

Per the research conducted by Liat:

At the end of the Battle for TeraRoot, the Wizards and Sorcerers of the Mages’ Guild, Orc Shamans and Druids of the various Orc Clans, and alchemists of the Alchemy Guild took it upon themselves to destroy every piece of Ieffedrin’s body and ensure the sending of his soul into the Underworld. There was to be no chance of his returning to his present worldly form.


Art Sureshield: The history of this Warlock intrigues me, as it has defined the cultural and socioeconomic direction of Sasan for the last several centuries in a big way. The recent attacks on the Orcish villages by unnatural creatures bearing the stench of Warlock magic appear to indicate Ieffedrin’s dark influence extends through time far beyond his demise. It is apparent to me The Prophecy reflects on these attacks in some way, but exactly how is difficult to determine at this juncture.

Mark Samson: I’ve seen some pretty dark stuff, but never as dark as I’ve seen in the forest here. 900 years is a long time for anything to stay alive. What I’ve fought here might not be remnants of the Ieffedrin, but might be his current dirty work.

Aylie Saint Claire: This crazy bastard’s unnatural experiments are dragging me farther away from the sea and my ship. I hate the jungle…the water here is in the air and not an ocean as it should be. But if smashing my way through monstrous beasts in this sea-forsaken jungle is my ticket to claiming a ship and finding my Westley, then so be it.

Liat Warbir: Being back in the jungle makes me feel more at home. It isn’t too far off of the swamp. Except the devastating beasts and land around that Ieffedrin created. I can’t help but wonder if these are just really almost 900 years old or if they are his current work. Either way, I wish to destroy him with the help of my friends and rid this world of his disgusting creatures.

Zahagrin: Whether Ieffdrin is back or its just another wannabe copy-cat warlock playing god in this jungle doesn’t really matter to me. This jungle is ripe with treasures to plunder and the city has a bevy of beauties to play with. This may go down as the best adventure of my life.

Ieffedrin the Hideous

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